Session XXI Recap

Shindora explained that he had been searching for Tileer against the wishes of Aerion. The plane traveler now felt it was time for him to complete his given mission: speak with Lolth about ending Sidakreeth’s hunt for the Kedas. He asked the party to continue searching for Tileer. It didn’t matter if they killed or captured him, Shindora just wanted his soul in Celestia.

As they talked, a troubled Isaac entered and escorted Shindora outside while General Dulki, who had been meeting with Yulaf, told the party of what he had learned. Yulaf was indeed the red dragon Niota Rellum and he was hiding from Kulsha Esovoz. Niota had spent his time following the rumor of “The Warden” (a demon killing devil who had killed thousands of abyssal creatures). Niota believed he was the key to finding the angels (didn’t say why). Yulaf had been bargaining with the devils for help, but he could no longer pay them. They responded by attacking Aruclam.

When the story ended, Isaac and Shindora returned, and sprung a trap Niota said would work. The red dragon had convinced Isaac and Dulki that Ogimbus was Kulsha in disguise. Shindora (the most powerful man in the city) used hellfire, a painful form of fire, and burned Ogimbus, sending him into a rage. He transformed into his silver self and whimpered under the pain, begging for help. As Shindora threatened the dragon with his two swords, Kulsha claimed Niota would continue to hide and would everything he could to find the angels, the ones who broke open the Kedas and caused the Dark Surge War. He would even seek help from the devils if he could.

Niota needed to die. Shindora, feeling there was little chance of this ending well in the city, offered to help in the fight against Niota. Though a dragon battle was dangerous here, it was obvious Niota was not going anywhere and his deals and research with the devils was a costly endeavor. And so the trio of Shindora, Dulki, and Kulsha headed to Kendos tower, the most contained place for a battle to happen. Shortly afterwards, Elian Luthis came to the Tall Tail Tavern, saying that Clo was asking for the Alu’nom. The party headed to the castle.

King Kross by now was wrapped in green and white thorny vines, a sign that Aerion was trying to help. The vines lashed out and struck the party, sending them into the King’s mind. They saw a vision given to them by Lor whose presence was now strong inside Heaven Kross. In the vision, they learned that Tileer had been blessed with the blood of Aerion and Clo, in addition to Corellon. When the vision ended, they were faced with Lor and the world Okendro once was. The being explained that Tileer was trying to resurrect Lor, but failed to see who threatened his plans. Tileer was fearing Lolth, instead of the Warden who, according to Lor, wanted the same thing Tileer did: to stand in the center of the eyes and become God.

For someone to stand in the center of the Bitana Eyes and become Lor he/she would either have to be a kedasin, a Kedas or a lorsai (someone who was created from Lor mating with a kasai). As far as the party knows, Tileer is none of these. Lor asked the party to help Tileer become the new Lor, a quest Lor felt all Alu’nom should strive for. To the god of tyranny’s surprised, the party instead severed the black binds that tied Lor to Heaven Kross and freed the King from his kedasin state.

When the King awoke, representatives from nations across the world who were staying in Aruclam quickly teleported back to their homes to inform their leaders Isaac had not killed Heaven Kross and that peace needed to be restored. As the world came to a calm, there was one enemy who would never put a halt to his own mission. On the morning after, it was clear Kulsha, Dulki, and Shindora had finally confronted Niota. As the sun rose, Kendos Tower began to collapse from the battle inside. As it fell, prisoners, magically altered and maimed, escaped and began running amuck. The party ran in and stopped as many as they could before the entire tower came crashing down. From within the rubble stood the only apparent survivor, the red dragon Niota Rellum. Then, from high above the city, appeared a hidden ally of Kulsha’s: the Minor Kasai Glimzil. The tiefling had taken a risk and paid for Hellema Rellum’s release, the massive brother of Niota who was known for wanting Lish Hom Non stay together. From the ground teleportion circle of Kendos a portal opened and the massive Hellema reached out and dragged Niota through, ending the vengeful dragons selfish dives into infernal knowledge.

From here the party was left to do what they liked. All chose to head to either Castor or Aamin to discover missing clues inside the crumbled plateau city and confront Ithil in the hopes his control of the Dragon Raiders and Forsaken Raiders could be wrestled away. Since they were both Northwest, most of the party traveled together.

Session XXI Recap

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