The Slayers

Their Mission
The main goal of the Dira’maic Slayers was to eliminate the drow that were still attacking Aruclam long after the Dark Surge ended. Most thought the drow had been completely wiped out of the city, but the founder, Ulken Gaith, knew the reality. There were plenty who did not retreat with Sidakreeth, perhaps under orders by him to torment those that claimed victory.

The founder of the organization was Ulken Gaith, a man who was born and raised in Aruclam, but admired the structure of Dira’ma when it was at the height of its power. In the year 15,162, eight years after the Dark Surge War ended, he had seen the drow who were left behind continually assault his city. He, and the angel Jaheza, formed a group of unappreciated soldiers and began parading around the city claiming to be heroes.

Ulken’s followers found strength in his ability to outsmart the drow in the sewers of the city, but the commoners saw him as a reckless man who thought only of his reputation. The Slayers were shunned and hunted down, forced to hide below the city. They became more popular in the midst of where most of the attacks took place, the slums, and the group was eventually forgotten since they spent very little time above ground. Because of their secrecy, gaining membership was difficult. To increase their numbers Ulken contacted the mage city Dira’ma, the city that had the greatest ease against the drow during the Dark Surge, and asked for help.

Dira’ma responded by sending several talented apprentices to learn about magic outside their great city. It worked, and soon the sewers became the center of Ulken’s organization, but the Dira’man wizards had been raised in a smug and wealthy world while in Dira’ma. They requested residence in the city while they defended below. Ulken allowed it and members began a low key, civilized life as they defended Aruclam from the dark elves.

Years after Ulken had passed away and Jaheza’s leave, Prince Heaven Kross III became a member. His status became instantly known and he reminded the city they were a force that sought justice. Though it did help their image, people still feared them and so some kept their membership hidden. When Heaven became King, he stayed with his “family”, as he called them, but became too busy to be an intricate part of their plans. Their fame dropped, but were no longer hunted.

In 15,205, when Isaac Alvindross became the King’s Crier, The Dira’maic Slayers became divisive over a member’s action to work directly underneath Alvindross. Those that wanted their member underneath the King’s Crier, and therefore close to their old member, became the Heavenly Slayers and patrolled the western half of Aruclam for drow invasions. Those that opposed became the Virtuous Slayers and patrolled the eastern half.

Today, the two operate with minimal problems from the locals, but are still deadly towards each other. Members are now usually related by blood, but outsiders can join if they know who to contact. Even that can be tricky, though, with many Slayers keeping their affiliation with the group a secret…even from their closest friends.

The Heavenly Slayers
Of the two factions, the Heavenly Slayers are closest to the original group. They are the half that chose to aid the King when called upon, though his Crier wants them dead. They fiercely hunt the drow, despite their surfacing becoming rare. Under the command of Master Kasai Wo’av’Alock, the Heavenly Slayers also attack any creature found with the “dark curse,” understanding that the affliction came from the tainted drow below.

Since the King’s sickness, they have kept mostly to themselves in the western slums, where they patrol freely due to the lack of soldiers watching the area. In a move that is gaining attention, Wo’av’Alock inducted the party into their clan for their power, their fame, and their association to Shane, who has been a member since a he was quite young.

The Virtuous Slayers
The Virtuous Slayers continued as the original group had left off, hunting drow and finishing what evils remained in Aruclam’s sewers. They controlled the eastern slums, considered by many to be the worst place in the city. One of the gangs that had control over the same region, the Phoenix Tail, forced the leaders of the Virtuous Slayers to give them at least half of their profits. Soon, the gang forced the clan to initiate their own members, until one of their own became the leader.

Gelfin, a black dragonborn and member of the Phoenix Tail now controls the Virtuous Slayers. In recent years, they have become what was once an enemy of the original Slayers: another cult who thinks they are above the law. Now whenever there’s a murder linked to a Slayer member, the Virtuous Slayers are usually the ones to blame. The Heavenly Slayers have proven that when they make a mistake, they punish their member. But the Virtuous Slayers do nothing, letting even their most heinous criminals go unpunished.

The Slayers

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