The War on Continent Kunass

Those who witnessed them rush out of the Halt of the Gods saw just a moment of their crackling skin that the dwarves below had reported, but once the sun’s rays touched them, it was gone. The insanity in their eyes and the savageness that Sidakreeth had taught them was still laying at the edge of their claws however. They pushed, shoved, and climbed over each other like a pack of demons trying to get to their prey. As they clogged the caves of the Halt of the Gods, they began to chip away at the walls with their hardened skin. The caves were not big enough for this many creatures to travel side by side, so the drow made them big enough. Soon, the paths were wide enough for a dragon to walk through. Unfortunately, the roof was never scratched as the drow did their best to swarm past each other. Eventually the caves widened so much that the roofs of some collapsed, killing thousands. The Halt of the Gods seemed like it was trying to stop yet another war.

Sidakreeth had enough troops marching to Drakow to bypass this inconvenience and the assault on Kunass was by far the most successful. Though the numbers here were diminished from the caves killing so many, the corrupted city of Drakow fought with themselves about how to handle the invasion. As the drow marched on the city, they slaughtered the uninformed peasants and fought with the confused guards. The invasion took 10 days to completely defeat the city and it would have been quicker if not for the caves collapsing. From Drakow, the drow began calling to their smaller surges that broke out on Kunass to head to their new “capital”. From all over the continent drow headed to Drakow, preparing for an attack on the well defended port city of Caimon that laid to the southwest.

The capital city of Caimon is the largest Kunass has ever built. For centuries, the area south of the mountain range Halt of the Gods (where Caimon sits) has been warring with the northern half. But on this day, the first day of the Dark Surge, representatives from the northern city of Gaelin and their fearsome soldiers were on a peaceful mission in the capital. In the previous weeks, an election was held to replace the King of Caimon, Sholoss Hosta, after he was poisoned by an assassin from the north. The leading candidate was a drow named Tileer Ukworn who had one mission: bringing peace to Kunass. His speeches were inspiring and his looks were to die for. A crowd that would normally be afraid by drow were cheering him on for he was determined to make peace with Gaelin and the rest of the north. When he won, he sent messengers to the north seeking a council. When several of them were ambushed and killed by northern assassins, he still attempted to reach them, even though the families of the slain now deeply opposed it. After several days, word returned of a possible treaty.

Tileer did not hesitate. He himself and hundreds of soldiers marched through the Halt of the Gods and arrived at Gaelin with weapons sheathed. They met with the self-proclaimed ruling orc, Kulda Balt, and the two eagerly began talking about the future. They agreed on everything; both were anxious to end the conflict. After two days of conversing, Tileer headed off, but left half his troops as a sign of hospitality. The warlords of Caimon were more experienced than the ones in Gaelin and Tileer asked them to help retrain the inexperienced forces. This had a negative impact, however, as the troops who were left behind were not told this in advance. Tileer promised he would be the one to bring the news to their families, but it did not help. When Tileer returned to Caimon, the families were angered, and Tileer would pay for it in the future.

On the day of the Dark Surge, when the Halt of the Gods began to collapse, soldiers and representatives had come to Caimon for a peace signing. During the signing, the rumbling from the mountains could be heard inside the city, which was more than a weeks travel away. Some say they heard the gods shouting from the distance, warning them of what was coming. Tileer hastened the signing and asked their new allies to pass near the rumbling and inspect it. They trekked northeast and witnessed the carnage at Drakow from the safety of a cliff. They separated into two groups; half went to Caimon and the other half went to Gaelin. Tileer had already began to prepare for an attack of some kind when the soldiers came with the frightful news. Tileer asked the men from Gaelin to stay, knowing Caimon was the closest city to Drakow. He hoped Gaelin would understand the threat his city faced and prayed for more to come.

Caimon’s first battle began one mile away from the walls of the city. Tileer’s warlords had no idea how to fight the enemy and so used hit and run tactics on the rocky plains that lined the coast of Kunass. From the towers of Caimon they learned how to coax the seemingly simple minded barbarians into traps, but the knowledge ended up costing lives. The drow charged the city, and the soldiers prepared to fight with what they knew. The next few weeks saw endless battles on the outskirts of town as the drow tried to find a way into the stronghold. Eventually, the wizards and sorcerers separated themselves from the dark elven hoard and began to cast on the city. The city’s mages did their best to counter every spell while Caimon’s assassins snuck across the fields; archers could not be used because the rocky terrain gave the mages places to hide. The assassination attempts worked fine if given enough time, but the amount of drow piling out of the mountains gave them plenty of reserves and the drow began sending them elsewhere.

Several legions of their warriors were sent to Pailid and the numerous primitive villages that dotted Kunass. As Tileer saw these drow disband, he took a chance and sent messengers by ship to Pailid with warning. The tactic did little as the villages between the drow and Pailid were destroyed and the villagers were taken as slaves back to Drakow. Tileer’s last attempt at saving his homeland was to have his ships take soldiers to other ports on the coast, unload them, and have them cut off the drow moving the slaves. He sent too many though and the defenses of the city broke from the force of the drow. The soldiers that did manage to reach the slaves started an impromptu campaign between Drakow and Caimon, stopping all reinforcements. Their numbers began to shrink however and eventually they realized that they were trapped between the two drow armies.

The forces of the north finally made their way through the Halt of the Gods and began fighting the incredible amount that had overrun Drakow. Gaelin’s forces had no idea what was lying at Caimon until they retrieved the small army that had freed the slaves. Gaelin did not want to separate its forces and risk being disintegrated and so concentrated on Drakow. Meanwhile, the survivors at Caimon were doing their best from their hidden corridors between the port, the cliffs, and the city to stop the drow from completely destroying their home.

The War on Continent Kunass

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