On the first day of the year in 15,210, the despised and misunderstood mage, Davos Wellvin, found himself, along with his adopted boy Angus (human wizard, played by Rachel), hunted by the Coffin Gang in the eastern slums of Makarin’s capital, Aruclam. As citizens watched, paralyzed by their fear of the powerful clan, the elven fighter and Dark Surge War veteran, Anor (Ebo), the orphaned elven ranger, Mericho (Lisa), the human warlord and Ex-Dragon Raider, Nyman (Ed), the human rogue and Heavenly Slayer, Shane (Joe), and the dwarven paladin, Tomago (Jeff) stood out of the crowd and defended the man. Davos then created a portal in the hopes he could escape, but before he could step through, the amnesiac mass murderer Rook (human warlock, Lee) launched himself through, confused and scared. As he appeared, the skin of each one of these strangers (Angus, Anor, Mericho, Nyman, Rook, Shane, and Tomago) shined a bright red that baffled onlookers. The disorganized Coffin Gang attacked, but were defeated against the adept party.

Shaken up by what they had all seen, the group hid at the Tall Tail Tavern, owned by Nyman and a man named Solstace, to try and understand why they lit up so brightly. Over the next two weeks, the party spent most of their time following leads or dodging attempts on their lives. That was until they discovered an Underground Shrine below the Tall Tail Tavern. Built by the people of Aamin in the year 12,411, the shrine describes the mysterious religion of the Aaminites, including the purpose of the Kedas, five magical stones that are meant to resurrect their enslaving god, Bitana (or Lor, depending on which story being told). Mentioned in the text, written in the Ancient Aaminarian language and still being translated, are the Alu’nom, beings blessed with the blood of gods who can bring Bitana back by destroying the Kedas. Alu’nom are identified when a Kedas is near them; their skin shines an unmissable bright red. This led them to understand that the Dark Surge War, the war between the humans and drow that occurred 68 years ago, was started by three angels, one of which was an Alu’nom.

The Trio of Fallen Angels

Just before the Battle of Aruclam in 15,127, the realm of Heaven was given the Kedas of Confusion in the hopes to study and understand it. The god Pelor placed the burden of researching the powerful relic on Jaheza, who studied it on Mount Celestia. The angel was accompanied by the demon-turned-angel Rimac, who was to protect Jaheza with his life and aid when asked. For 20 years the two experimented with the magic resilient relic, until the gods could no longer wait.

Jaheza suggested that someone who could wield the power of a god might help. In their notes, which composed of little hard evidence and mostly rumors spawned from Har’ka’s own research of his three Kedas, the Kedas responded to gods and creatures somehow mutated by them. Pelor had just the creature in mind. The ebony angel Tileer was once a drow who was turned by an avatar of Corellon. For proving to the elven god that he had truly turned, Corellon blessed him with extraordinary abilities, powers no other angel had, by placing in the drow his own blood. Pelor chose Tileer to join the other two in research.

On 15,147 (Dirom 19) Tileer shined red as he stood in the presence of the Kedas. Full of curiosity, Tileer made the mistake of touching the Kedas. As the thick, liquid-like smoke that surrounded the relic escaped quickly off the plane, the three angels heard the whispering of a mysterious word: Davos. They stood there, baffled, unaware that the severed spirit of Bitana had moved onto Lantafinsayf and possessed the mind of the drow Sidakreeth. All that remained of the relic was a massive glass eye that confused the trio. Rimac then left to meet his ally, Ki Harashi, and the two invaded Har’ka’s palace, stealing from it the Kedas of Loneliness.

Once Rimac returned to Heaven, an argument erupted. Jaheza was furious that Rimac would do something so stupid, but the thief, along with Tileer, wanted to continue their work. Jaheza relented and once again the drow touched the Kedas. The angels feebly attempted to catch the spirit as it escaped, but once again were left with a massive eye. When their actions had been discovered by the gods of Heaven, the three were thrown out of the realm. Shortly afterwards, the drow began the Dark Surge War and charged the surface of Lantafinsayf under the command of Sidakreeth. Rimac and Jaheza aided the humans in fighting their mistake, but Tileer had mysteriously disappeared. He became King of Kunass during the Dark Surge War, but nothing else is known. The pasts of the other two, however, are now being discovered.

Jaheza helped a human named Ulken Gaith gather a drow-hunting force known as the Slayers, following the Dark Surge. He then was recruited by Shindora Bosovich to spy underground and watch the drow that retreated at the end of the war. As the decades went by, Jaheza became frustrated and went to Har’ka, seeking help. It was here that he fell from righteousness and developed the dark curse. Unfortunately, he does not know who performed the ritual nor is he completely sure what he asked Har’ka for. He now resides in Heaven, where he has been cured of his ailment.

After the Dark Surge War, Rimac hunted every clue directing him to the spirit of Bitana that had escaped the Kedas of Loneliness. It led him to a man on the northern half of Briom, who he killed, unsure of how to prevent the spirit from escaping. His attempts to contain it were futile and he continued his search to the city of Aruclam, where he found the spirit again, hiding inside Holden Alvindross. After killing the man’s wife, and distracting his son, Isaac, with the ghost of a child the angel had slain, Rimac studied Holden until he saw a difference in the way the man’s eyes looked. Rimac tore out one of his eyes, which pulled with it the spirit of Bitana. The eye formed a new Kedas of Loneliness; one identical to the Kedas they had stolen from Har’ka. Rimac then changed his name to Davos, hoping that Jaheza or Tileer would become attracted to the mysterious title.

Now, with the discovery of the Underground Shrine, most of what the three have been hiding is becoming the focal point of those trying to stop the summoning of Bitana. The shrine describes in great detail of what the survivors of the destroyed Aamin are trying to accomplish and a crew of translators, led by Polcwin Demov, are trying their best to understand it all.

The man most interested in stopping Bitana is the extremely unpopular King’s Crier, Isaac Alvindross, who currently leads the city of Aruclam. King Heaven Kross III has been abducted by the mist dragon, Widgon Sjinusoal, who holds him and three others captive (The King’s daughter, Mivia Kross, Rook’s brother, Maigalas, and another murderer, Matena). All four were under the care of Yulaf Cloan, the Head of Aruclam’s three mage guilds. Though Yulaf is to blame for letting the dragon take his victims, it was Isaac who asked Yulaf to “do what was necessary to protect them.” Isaac regrets what he has done and has asked the party to rescue the King and the others. The party has agreed.

Lanta 5: Eyes of Bitana