Pronounced: air-nihs

Gods: Aerion (air-ryan). Originally a human named Blaine, Aerion keeps his image as a divine soldier. Though pictures of him often have him standing taller than other, he actually keeps his height at 6 feet when he can. The look on his face is always stern and determined and he holds his bright white great sword in two powerful hands. His armor is identical to his mortal body’s but glows brightly, even at night. The spikes on his shoulders rise high into the air and curve near the top so that they point straight into the sky.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Godly Realm: 663 layer of the Infinite Layers of the Abyss

Symbol: A great sword standing on its hilt with a light shinning brightly behind the blade. The face of Aerion is barely visible in the blade and the hilt is made of two white vines twisting together.

Dogma: Blaine stands for the unification of Lantafinsayf and the rest of the planes. He asks his followers to delight in life and to do their best to survive through tough times. It is often said that those that die and come to Aerion’s domain will be met with disappointment. As a human, he was able to live through even the most unlikely circumstances and would like to see his fellow warriors do the same. Under the Aernis religion, marriage, or at a least a true love, is an important part of life. Many of Aerion’s struggles were overcome in the name of his one true love, Seandra. Taking the path of Aernis will often place the follower in difficult situations, requiring a great passion in one’s life to keep going.

Worshipers: Most of Aerion’s followers are holy warriors who feel they can make a difference. Paladins, fighters, and aasimars are probably the most common with militiamen and city guards next. Commoners, especially outside Lantafinsayf, rarely have an interest in Aerion, but those that do probably have heard stories of his battles in the lower planes. The commoners that worship him on Lantafinsayf were probably most attracted by the importance of a true love. History: As the human Blaine, he was a holy warrior of the upper planes who fought to bring back his murdered parents and abducted fiancĂ©. He spent his entire life trying to prove they could be brought back despite his companions telling him it was useless. Blaine’s determination against dreadful odds became famous and he was known as a symbol of hope. The upper planes used his iron will (some called it stubbornness) to fight the lower plane’s more powerful demons. He was given the simple nickname “The Demon Killer” and was often sent on missions with the planar samurai Ki Harashi and the ranger mercenary Shindora Bosovich. In the Aernis religion these other to are used to illustrate Blaine’s antagonists within himself. When one is in the middle of war fighting for good, the face of evil often appears on their own side.
Blaine was able to get revenge for his parents and his beloved Seandra, but he was never able to bring them back. To make matters worse, Asmodeus is said to still have Seandra trapped inside his home below the lower planes. The possibilities of what is happening to her drives Aerion to stay in the deadly Abyss against the demon’s wishes. People of the Aerion faith hold a deep hatred of demons and are often employed as soldiers fighting the enemies of the upper planes, even if they do it on the Prime Material Plane.


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