Pronounced: Ah-smuh-lahn

Gods: Zudababez (zoo-duh-bah-behz). Zuda has black greasy hair that reaches his shoulders and does not hang in his face. His eyes are black and his hands are often depicted in front of his mouth as he casts a spell. There is usually a staff in one of those hands that is at a 45 degree angle while casting. His shoulders are bare and bony as his purple cloak’s “collar” is at his biceps and is open. he has bandages wrapped around his stomach with Dira’maic writings on them. If they are visible in the picture, they proclaim that Zudababez will violently dominate the world. His pants are merely strips of brown cloth that hang from his thick black belt. The belt is covered in white drawings of his symbol. His feet are parallel, but spread apart with a dozen six inch needles sticking out of them

Alignment: Unaligned

Godly Realm: The Elemental Chaos

Symbol: The As’ma’lon symbol is Zudababez’s arcane mark. It is a drawing of a vertical line with two pairs of symmetrical lines stemming from it. Two of them start at the center, curving up and outwards in opposing directions. The other two start just below the first two and curve straight up. These last two are the highest of the lines. Though it can be drawn symmetrically, it is forbidden to be perfect.

Dogma: Zudababez was a harsh ruler when he was alive and his worshipers continue his way of life. All followers must obey the word of the Major Kasai from his magical city of Dira’ma, questioning only when Zuda himself would. They must be able to use arcane or divine magic in some way. Those who choose to use divine use it to bring Zuda’s wrath down upon those who have abandoned Dira’ma and its enemies. Worshipers who use divine magic can not be good because they may have to punish those who leave, even though it is for what they feel is a greater good. They do not understand that nothing is greater than Zudababez’s word. Spells with their creator’s name in the title may not be used (since they wished it to be theirs) and no follower is allowed to wear yellow since it represents the sun. Zudababez felt only the sun was a more powerful influencer than he and it must not be acknowledged in his presence. No worshiper is allowed to draw or create objects that have a symmetrical shape for it can cause an obsession that draws away from Zuda. The temples built in his name must be visited when passed by a follower that has a question about magic.

Worshipers: Mages, spell casters, evil druids, insane city folk. All worshipers must be able to use magic. If they can not, yet they still follow As’ma’lon, then they are either on the path to using magic or do not understand his dogma. Those who claim to not want to use magic, but follow Zudababez are hunted down by Dira’ma and “dealt with.” Almost all that follow As’ma’lon are arcane magic users and the divine magic users found outside of Dira’ma are usually on a mission for the city.

History: Zudababez is said to come from the city of Dranoris on the very tip of the Me’ro’ra Al’ham peninsula at Northeast edge of Abor’a. For most of his life he fought the government and and spent his time getting even with those who said his name in an offensive manner. He would assassinate some while destroying the ships and homes of others. Keeping them alive meant spreading the rumors of his power while no one could prove he did anything. After one particular incident, where he held the dwarves of the city hostage while a city official of the same race, Banruk, ordered his arrest, Zudababez suffered the wrath of the single Dicia that ruled at the time, Chezak (shez-ahk). Zuda maimed half of the dwarves he captured, but was summoned to the haven that Chezak resided in. When he came back, he began searching the sailor-filled taverns, looking for anyone who would help him overthrow the all too powerful Dicia. The only ones who offered to help were gifted with the ability to cast spells

From the moment he began drawing out the plans for Dira’ma, he knew it would be far superior than any other city for he would only allow mages in. He saw magic as the future of the world and the only possible way to defeat the Dicia. Those who listened heard an earful of the haven he was taken too. Gold, women, and slaves of all kinds were up there while Chezak spoke out against greed, lust, and slavery. He was a hypocritical ruler who served only as a less powerful Greater Dabus. Though many tried to have him thrown out of Dranoris, he received praise by many of the teachers, professors, and spell casters in the city. Banruk, the city official who asked for his arrest, began campaigning for a war against Zudababez even though he was living in the city. He receive a great deal of support, but was ambushed by Zudababez’s minions, even the schoolteachers and professors joined in on the attack. It was total chaos in the port city for two days, ending with Zuda’s voluntary escape to the mountains in the West.

With the men and women that escaped beside him, he began to build the city of Dira’ma. He chose the old Dragon Fury Valley for its representation of tyranny. During the 4,000 years that dragons dominated Lantafinsayf they ruled from this valley and Zudababez planned to recreate what they had done. He constructed it with bizarre instructions, such as no building could be symmetrical and no two buildings could be identical. He placed the most important buildings in the shade of cliffs so as to avoid the light of the evil sun and had spikes attached to all of them so to scare away any traveler who found Dira’ma.

When the city was done, he ordered airships to be constructed using the intelligent and easily controlled air elementals. He sent mages on raids of the Elemental Plane of Air and kidnapped dozens of them so that he could bind their soul to a ship. These ships, which were built for sailing the seas, could now fly through the air, ignoring all terrain that would halt other forms of travel. He then sent armies of his old and new followers to cities far away from Abor’a to avoid his growing infamy. They recruited all the mages that would listen and brought them to Dira’ma where they would meet the delightful Zudababez who by this time had gone mad with power. When in conversation, he seemed overjoyed to find people who were as passionate about magic as he was, but when he was faced with opposition, he became angered and destroyed all before him, often using overkill. When enough signed on for his cause, he announced to them all that he was going to kill Chezak and take over the world.

Most knew what his plans were the whole time they served him, but those that were surprised by his new goal tried to leave the city. They were given an ultimatum by the faithful: stay or perish. Most chose their life and the Dicia War began. Airships were sent to neighboring cities to attack and capture all they could. Zudababez became greedy and moved from city to city before the previous ones were completely secure. Even the cities with minimal mages, though, were able to contain those that rebelled, but when the Blue Planet exploded and sent Yuanini, Lizkill, Brama, and Evonas through a portal far below the surface of Lantafinsayf, Zuda lost control. The explosion caused earthquakes so violent that the airships in the sky crashed from mountains becoming airborne and toppling on them. The cities with few mages were taken back by the citizens during the aftermath and Zudababez’s armies were shrinking fast. Those that survived fled to Dira’ma despite Zuda urging them to stay and retake what they lost.

The war officially ended when Zudababez met his men on the floor of the ruined city Dira’ma. He was furious that they disobeyed him and began to slaughter as many as he could. They fought back and were eventually able to over power him. Even though he was strapped to the rocky earth, Zuda tried to fight, but it was no use. As the world faded from his view, it is said that Zudababez had a vision. All that was shared about it was Zuda’s last words: “In peace, I see you all coming with me. Please….bring me back.” He died there, smiling, his final thought of the future plastered on his face.


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