City of Aruclam

Constructed: Sometime in the year 50. It was the first major city constructed by the humans moving on to Lantafinsayf from other planes.

Ruler: Heaven Kross III

Flag: A view looking straight up at a nondescript red hawk with its wings spread and a purple shield on its chest

Religion: The most common religion here is Aernis, the religion that follows Aerion (Blaine’s deific name). However, because of how many people live here, almost all religions, and their temples, exist within the city. With how much area the city covers, it is impossible for the city guard to detect and demolish all evil temples. All faiths, welcome or not, are found here.

Population: Approximately 40,000 humanoids, more than 60% are human. The next common race is obviously elf while halflings, gnomes, and half-races are all about the same. Goblinoids are here as well, but they are all found in the goblinoid district.

History: Aruclam was built in defiance of a request by the Lady of Pain to not build any permanent residences on Lantafinsayf. The Greater Dabus, the mysterious protector of Lantafinsayf, failed to enforce it and Aruclam was built without interference. The city had a prosperous first 3,000 years, but when the Dragon Era began, Aruclam suffered quite a bit. The dragons, after realizing they had the forces to rule the planet, looked at Aruclam as their number one enemy. No where on the planet could you find a higher concentration of the evil humans. The dragons also thought that it was too close to their elven allies, which had a high population in the Willowan Forest to the south of Aruclam. Though the dragons never conquered Aruclam, they terrorized it endlessly until their dominance over the planet finally wore out. When that happened, Aruclam once again became one of the most powerful forces on Lanta.

During the Dicia War in 12,416, Aruclam was the Dicia’s greatest ally. They were the first to offer troops to fight Zudababez and Dira’ma and even turned the small neighboring town of Wilten into a military academy. Everyday, Aruclam sent war-mongering boys to Wilten in preparation for the war against the mages. Unfortunately, nothing about magic was taught to any of these soldiers and the Dicia, Chezak (sheh-zak), fell to Dira’ma’s mages in the city of Aruclam. The world was about to fal lunder the rule of the mad mage Zudababez, when Yuanini, Lizkill, Evonas, and Brama were thrown through the portal that connected the Blue Planet and Lantafinsayf. The collision of their bodies with Lanta shook the world, and the airships of Zuda crashed to the ground. Lanta was able to defeat the remaining mages with the help of the 30 foot tall giant Yuanini and he in turn became a legend. In honor of what he did to save them, Aruclam changed its name to Yunia, but Yuanini ignored them and built the city of Mooreen to succeed where Aruclam had failed.

The city quickly changed its name back o Aruclam and shoved away all alliegences it had with Briom, the continent that Mooreen was built on. From that point on, Aruclam and Mooreen were in a silent battle. War was never declared, but everytime someone was assassinated or some city changed their flag, one blamed the other city. Aruclam’s popularity diminshed during the War of Evonis when the brainwashed and highly intelligent Brama marched his troops up the continent of Makarin to sack Aruclam. Fortunately, Brama disappeared from this planet mysteriously for a time and he never reached the city, but most knew it would have fallen. Little by little the city lost patrons. It was not until the Abyssal Invasion (the last battle of Lanta IV) that Aruclam became a truely good city again. Every evil in Aruclam had been transformed into a demon that day, and when they were defeated, the citizens felt like they had changed. The world saved them and so they needed to repay its debt.

Over the next few years, the arrogance of Aruclam became moot and the city began to invite representatives from every continent to visit see what they had to offer. The reign of the Kross family also seemed to help since they had the blood of the hero Raven Gretin in them. The city did not fully regain its prestige until the Dark Surge, when Sidakreeth chose Aruclam too be his personal target. Most agree that no other city would have been able to stop him at the height of his power, though Mooreen likes to argue that. Now it appears the aura of arrogance is returning with Isaac Alvindross at the helm while King Heaven Kross III is out of commission. It did not take long for Aruclam to fall in the face of an equal power before, will Colonel Alvindross bring the great city of Aruclam back to the dark times?

City of Aruclam

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