Lantafinsayf I

Adventure Group: The Juggernaut. Brim Dan (Fred), Catherine Nikruhs (Maggie), Echo Lelia (Ed), Evil Ugh (Jeff), Jasper (Ben), Ramses (Lee), Soth Vineheath (Rory), Tiriansi (Rachel Mayo)
Length of Game: 14,999 Liam 1 – 14,999 Makrin 35
Beginning City: Mooreen, Briom

Story: For almost two thousand years, the evil god Brama had been living on the 663 layer of the Abyss, known as Taconderan (tuh-con-dur-ann), and was waging a war against both the upper planes and his long time enemy Yuanini, another god, who lived on the Prime Material Plane planet Lantafinsayf. What no one knew, and what no one learned until his death, was that Brama was being manipulated by the protector of the Abyss. Roma, whose title is Greater Dabus of the Abyss, had invaded Brama’s mind, and wanted for himself what Brama sought: the Death Esper. Espers are the beings that created magic. Magic is done through essence, or the spirit of time and existence. The Espers could see it all around them and were the first to “move” it. When they died, they became magical 1 foot tall white stones that, when activated, could summon the ferocity they had in their living forms. The one who watched over their remains was the god Yuanini, though none were in his possession. As a god he could do little to interact with the commoners, but he made sure no one touched the deadliest one, the Death Esper. Though Roma wanted the Death Esper for its power, Brama wanted it for an entirely different reason. The Death Esper was all that was left of his son, Damien.

Time passed and Brama began to break the rules that govern all gods. He transfered his power to his minions while going unpunished by the other gods. That is because Lantafinsayf was built for one purpose: to serve as a stopping point for those who traveled through the Prime Material Plane. But as people began to make their homes here, the Lady of Pain, the creator of Lanta and controller of all plane travel, abandoned it. The other planes followed and soon no one watched over the planet, except its Greater Dabus, Sean Voipt. But even he left after the year 12,803 and Yuanini, the god to the people of Lanta, became the self appointed protector. With Brama pushing Yuanini to the breaking point, he felt he had no options. He knew he was losing the epic struggle and came to his followers for help. He sent a messege to the Dicia of Briom, Qusom, asking him to find a group of mortals capable of fighting the demon god. The mortals were to walk to various points on Lanta and recover 5 artifact statues. If they could survive every hazard on Lantafinsayf, then perhaps they could prove useful in the war against Brama.

Qusom informed Elmen Draater, the King of Mooreen, about what he was told and asked if his city could be a gathering point for the heroes. Elmen had been secretly worshipping Brama, hoping the evil god could give him power that Yuanini would not. Elmen agreed and Qusom went on his way to find the heroes. While he was gone, Elmen headed for the first statue and as he reached it, a massive white dragon , named Beldarim Monzat, appeared. Elmen begged for his life, thinking the dragon was a minion of Yuanini, but he was actually a minion of Brama. Beldarim could feel the evil inside Elmen and confessed what his master Brama had instore and what the treacherous Yuanini had done.

Yuanini somehow found out that Brama was planning a massive invasion of Lantafinsayf and, as a result, barred all extraplanar travel to the planet. Brama discovered a loop hole that allowed his five most powerful generals to slip past. The traveling of dead souls from Lanta to their final resting place is done through purgatory, a demiplane that connects all worlds, but only the dead are able to wonder there. Brama’s generals were undead beings that had fought for Brama when he was mortal and traveled through purgatory easily. When Yuanini discovered this, he closed those portals, effectively trapping all dead souls here. He placed four statues around the world for a group of powerful mortals to find in the hopes that the tests they faced along the way would prove their power. Each of the dragons responded by guarding one of the statues, leaving the fifth dragon to guard the Tolip, supposedly a planetraveling artifact hidden at the bottom of a lake. Elmen asked if he could help. The dragon, reluctantly, obliged.

Elmen returned to his castle with the statue, while the dragon transformed into a human and hid himself from public. When Qusom came with the Juggernaut, Elmen laid out their plan. The King presented the statue and explained he and his soldiers killed the dragon, tricking Qusom into thinking he was dedicated to working for Yuanini. He then told them where the next statue was, knowing full well the dragon there, Lezach Eler, was much too powerful for the group. Qusom sent them on their way and escaped to the haven that Dicias live in. Along the trek, they met the Greater Dabus of Lantafinsayf, Sean Voipt. He revealed to them that he would help them when he could. When they reached Risserp, the town closest to the cave that the statue laid in, the Juggernaut was fortunate that the citizens knew of the dragon guarding it. They killed it and brought the sculpture back to Mooreen. They took caution and headed to the next statue which laid at the bottom of the continent Abor’a.

This time, the party had a harder time reaching it. While trying to avoid the evil and magical city of Dira’ma, they were caught in an avalanche that sent them there anyways. Here, they met the leader of Dira’ma, Major Kasai Sel’bara Ka’fin. and one of his Minor Kasais, Ah’rami De’ya. Sel’bara was actually Beldarim in disguise while Ah’rami was another one of Brama’s weaker minions who had been posing in Dira’ma for quite some time. Sel’bara let the group recover and told them how to reach the dragon. This, however, had an unintended outcome. A teacher and advisor in Dira’ma named Ori’ac Kes’bo had witnessed Ah’rami speak to Brama across the planes and knew he was after the Death Esper. Ori’ac was one of the only Dira’man mages in the world who knew where it was kept took it from its place fearing Sel’bara knew. He hid it in the one place everyone in the mage city feared, the lich Ha’ra U’lam’s tomb. in the mountains.

Sel’bara told the Juggernaut they had to destroy three magical markers that would open the great temple Yuanini had placed the statue in, but this blasphemous act would also wake Ha’ra. When the party hacked through them, the lich smashed open his tomb and took the powerful artifact. He fled Dira’ma, killing hundreds. After defeating the shadow dragon General Merac Bebyckn, the party returned to the city and was thrown in jail for desecrating the temple; Dira’ma, embarrassed, hid the truth. The Juggernaut were all sentenced to death, but on the day of their execution, they managed to steal an airship and flew to the next statue. They did not get very far with the mages of Dira’ma following though and were blasted out of the air by the pursuing airships.

Luck was on their side once again and they survived the fall. None of what had just happened changed their goal and they headed for the final statue. The blue dragon General Enowid Vaidd was waiting for them and proved to be the hardest to fight. His ability to create mulitples of himself forced the party to continue battling beyond fatigue. When he finally perished, the exhausted party was greeted by Sean Voipt who had recently been summoned by The Lady of Pain to be interrogated about his activities with the Juggernaut. Roma, the Greater Dabus of the Abyss who was later found to be influencing Brama, reported Sean Voipt and asked that he be punished. Now, he stood before them, revealing his bald and aging face in the hopes that he would seem more human to them. He wished them good luck and was then imprisoned in Sigil.

The Juggernaut now had one more obstacle and headed straight to it from Mooreen. On the continent of Maibid they faced the final and deadliest foe, the red dragon General Sarlo Ricen. In one fell swoop the Juggernaut killed him, finally proving their power to Yuanini. They recovered the Tolip and returned to Mooreen for the final rituals that would end the restriction on plane traveling. Qusom appeared in his physical form and was set to carry out the ceremony when he was stabbed in the back by Elmen Draater. Elmen had given up hope of Brama ever returning to Lantafinsayf and had contacted the known villian Doyec Notelex, also a worshipper of Brama. The two decided it was best to do as much damage to Yuanini’s campaign in the absence of leadership. Doyec himself came out of his hiding place and took the party hostage.

While the villian walked around the statues trying to figure out what the rumors meant, the legendary Tarrasque Hunters walked unexpectedly into the castle, followed by soldiers, the Mooreen Elite. The two traitors faught, but inevitably lost to the greater numbers. Qusom was healed, the two were placed under arrest, and the ceremony was to be finished. For the final stages of this, Qusom went to the temple of Yuanini just outside the castle and retrieved the magical chalice. The legend said that “the egg of a Carebec Wrein must be dipped into the chalice Neniwer which must be filled with the liquid Iospon”. The one thing these three thrings had in common was that they could only be gathered by somone close to Mooreen, the city built in memory of Yuanini.

But it all went terribly wrong. The Bramieran genie, Nanad, had taken the form of the escaped Dira’man convict Vager Nekets and was hiding in the crowd. Though Vager could have saved both Doyec and Elmen, he felt they were not worthy of Brama’s pity. He waited for the egg to be held up into the air and shot an arrow straight through it, destroying the final hope of Lanta. With the help of Ah’rami and Beldarim, still posing as Sel’bara down in Dira’ma, Nanad summoned the terrifying beast known as the tarrasque directly below Mooreen. The saichus rock which keeps the tarrasque trapped until summoned was very close to the surface here and the monster launched into the air when the spell was complete. Under the command of Nanad, the monster killed Qusom, destroyed the city of Mooreen, and wiped out the Juggernaut. The undefeatable had been defeated.

Silly Trivia and Inside Jokes:
1) Originally when I started this game I used a ton of anagrams including Lantafinsayf (which is an anagram of Final Fantasy)
2) Several groups of NPCs which have been used in all the games were only reused because of how much fun the first encounter was
  • a) The White Laced Cannibals
  • b) The Romping Reavers (neogis)
  • c) Jojo and the Brama genies

3) I had all encounters with the Tarrasque Hunters scripted until I learned how to adlib. I mean word for word.
4) Sarlo Ricen wasn’t suppose to be that easy, but I roled a 1 on his only attack before the battle. The party charged on the next round, killing him with charge bonuses and criticals.
6) Sel’bara has a beard. Matthew Collie got pissed when I told Rachel Mayo to draw him with one since he pictured him clean shaven. What a tool.
7) Rory stole the name Soth from a death knight. What a tool.

Lantafinsayf I

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