Lantafinsayf II

Adventure Group: The Avengers. Boseefus Kayo (Ben), Cailet Liat (Rachel Mayo), Calla Duernn (Maggie), Crace Lassador (Ed), Gorynel Desse (Lee), Korran (Ebo), Krelace Notelex (Jeff), Ray Vladamir (Doug), Varot Notelex (Rory), Xavier (Matt)
Length of Game: 15,006 Yualis 1 – 15,007 Tesler 33
Beginning City: Seegridge, Makarin

Story: A lot had happened seven years after the death of the Juggernaut: the Tarrasque Hunters disbanded, the essence that fuels magic had disappeared making spells impossible to cast, and Mooreen had been taken over by Nanad and its name changed to New Dira’ma. This city was now in control while Aruclam sat, content watching. The Tarraswue Hunters were at Mooreen when it was destroyed by the tarrasque and argued after its rampage. Few had experienced it that enraged and did not know what to do. They separated, each one disgusted with the others. Worst of all, Dira’ma’s wizards had the power to trap all the essence on Lantafinsayf and contained it into two magical creatures, Bel’da’rim and Saidom (the former was named by the arrogant Beldarim while the later was given the name of a feared creature in Dira’ma).

On the beginning of the new year, when the world was normally full of excitement, there was a meeting held in the city of Seegridge (sea-gridge). At the meeting was the exiled Dira’man mage Ori’ac Kes’bo, who was lucky to be alive with his life after being held responsible for giving the Death Esper to the lich Ha’ra U’lam. He had asked the world to find their best and brightest warriors to find the missing bodies of the Juggernaut. With the death of Qusom, there were no Dicias left who followed the Yunian Religion, making it hard for Yuanini to send messeges to his people. Those chosen were sent on a quest to find the bodies, but none could prove themselves worthy of facing the world’s danger. That was until the great wyrm bronze dragon Dergon Setoup became involved. Dergon, who had been hiding from his enemy Leth Rogg, was a follower of Yuanini. On this day, the first of Yualis, he could feel essence inside two of the scholars sent to them. He did not know it at the time, but Varot and Krelace were part Esper. It was a signal from Yuanini that these adventurers would return essence to the world.

Dergon remained hidden, but revealed himself to the “Avengers”. It was there that Dergon laid out the many dangers of the world. Sel’bara (no one knew yet that this was an alias of Nanad) had been searching the world for the Tarrasque Hunters, hoping they would come to New Dira’ma and fight for Brama. Bel’da’rim and Saidom were traveling from city to city demanding that everyone side with New Dira’ma no matter what. Clo, Yuanini’s mother, had taken the bodies of the Juggernaut to her home in “Petra’s Garden”, but no one knew where that was. Na’ha T’wa was a Tarrasque Hunter that had been rumored to turn down all requests to join New Dira’ma and could possibly know where Petra’s Garden was. Dergon, from the safety of Bahamut’s Cave in the Great Damalien Mountains (duh-mah-lian), asked the Avengers to find the Tarrasque Hunters and band them together once again. The Avengers then began the wild goose chase in the midst of rising tension between New Dira’ma and the rest of the world.

During this time they were able to find all of the Hunters. Wilber Shau and Na’ha T’wa joined their cause quiet hastily, but the other three had other agendas. Fiefan Tallis had agreed to work for New Dira’ma and did not disclose this to the Avengers or Dergon. He killed himself before the great dragon, just after admitting he was too weak to help them. Schlate Kargan felt he would be more useful defending towns instead of fighting the enemy in its home, but it was Bowan Hansman that made the situation worse. He came to Bahamut’s Cave promising to help the cause, but, like Fiefan, had excepted a bribe from New Dira’ma. Once he was before the great dragon, he magically contacted Bel’da’rim who then created a portal to the cave and alerted New Dira’ma of what he had found. Ashamed of his actions, Bowan escaped through the portal while Bel’da’rim stayed to kill off the Avengers and Dergon. In a stunning victory, the Bel’da’rim was instantly slain when he was struck by a dagger coated in the antimagic saliva of Lezach Eler. Half of the essence that had been robbed from the world returned and mages could once again use their spells.

As the party recovered from the ambush, they set their sights on a new target: Setzer. His name had not been mentioned before, but during their travels, the Avengers had come across a myth of an airship that had the capabilities of reaching Petra’s Garden. Setzer had become famous for creating an extremely large and powerful airship that was eventually stolen by the insane cleric Lizkill. The hope died, however, when they recieved a vision inside the Setzer’s home of Lizkill beating him to death. As they angrily went back to the drawing board for a third time, they began to look at other rumors that had hit their ears. One of them was of Varot and Krelace’s herritage. If they were decendants of Espers, then their father might be King Aelan Notelex of Notelex Castle in the Black Lands. They headed there and found out Doyec had aligned with Notelex once again. As they stood before Doyec and Aelan, they accepted his alliance in the hopes that Doyec was being honest about fighting New Dira’ma.

Unfortunately, it was all an act. Doyec was going to fight New Dira’ma, but on the side of his new master, Lizkill. The mad cleric broke out of his home in the Elemental Plane of Air on the supposed airship of Setzer. But it was not an airship; it was a floating piece of earth that was once part of Lizkill’s original home, the Blue Planet. He and Doyec tricked the Avengers into getting on, but the truth came into light as Lizkill agrued with Doyec, right in front of them, over the whereabouts of Sel’bara. Both Lizkill and the Avengers were confused about how to handle New Dira’ma and discussed if they should join sides. An agreement was never met, but they ended the talks peacefully with Lizkill promising to drop them anywhere they wanted. They chose just south of Mount Rebecca, on the continent Briom, with another rumor to chase.

Mount Rebecca was famous for its spherical storm that rotated around it at all times. Inside the storm, one could find, if they survived, the path to Yuanini’s home. Maybe that was Petra’s Garden. Lizkill knew what would happen to anyone as close to New Dira’ma as the Avengers were and gave them a gift. It was one of the remaining statues from the quest of the Juggernaut and it supposedly had been mutated from the lack of essence. As Lizkill left them on the plain before the mountains, an army led by Sel’bara approached. In the army was the Tarrasque Hunter Bowan Hansman, who still had not proven himself loyal to Nanad; perhaps killing this last light of hope would turn him finally. The soldiers of Sel’bara were marching faster and swinging their weapons three times faster than an average mortal could. They were obviously being enhanced with their proximity to New Dira’ma. In addition, Sel’bara was able to use the essence stored in New Dira’ma while he was outside the cities walls. As the army reached them, Sel’bara began raining spells down on them.

When the spells left his hands, they ended hitting the statue and disapated, with every spell chipping away at it. Sel’bara began to cast as many as he could, hoping the statue would overflow. When it did, the spirit that Yuanini had secretly placed inside each one melded with the Avengers and they recieved a blessing from the god. As Sel’bara and Bowan sat back and watched, the party mangled the troops before them. While witnessing Yuanini’s followers waging his god’s war, Bowan had a sudden change of heart. He unsheathed his sword and unleashed the Esper Odin that had been living in it. The Esper enhanced what his god had given the Avengers and Sel’bara responded by summoing the other four Brama Generals. After the dragons were defeated, Sel’bara dropped his disguise and revealed that he was the fifth Brama General, Beldarim Monzat. But his size and power were no use against the Avengers and Bowan. He perished like the others and they began to climb Mount Rebecca.

At the top they faced the last half of the stolen essence, Saidom. Though he was able to stop most of the Avengers, the Esper Gabriel was used and Saidom died in a hopeless battle against a much more powerful being. Finally, all essence had returned to Lanta and the Avengers entered the temple that sat before them. When they were all inside, it sent them to Petra’s Garden where Clo and the deceased Juggernaut were waiting for them. Clo rose them from their slumber and the two legendary groups met for the first time. Information about what they knew was passed around and they all began their long journey around the world, searching for aids to fight New Dira’ma.

Within weeks the world had banned together to knock over the dictator Vager Nekets, the alias of Nanad. Arships around the world that were not controlled by Dira’ma became the dropships for the attack on the magically walled city. Once inside, the Avengers and Juggernaut headed for the center, where New Dira’ma’s private source of essence lay. They killed off the mages fueling the city and the soldiers immediately lost their increased speed. It did not take long to take over what was left, but Nanad was nowhere to be found. To make matters worse, the Avengers were unaware that Dergon Setoup had been captured and held here. He later died in his home with half of his body scaled, the work of the Dragon Raiders that sided with New Dira’ma.

Another rumor, one that spoke of Lizkill summoning the tarrasque, appeared to be true and so the Juggernaut, Avengers, and whoever was powerful enough headed to stop its destruction. The forces were met with the abomination as they reached the southern tip of the continent Abor’a. Lizkill watched as his plans played out perfectly; he knew he could not kill the beast by himself and needed it gone to avoid a disruption to his plans. After the battle was over, Lizkill offered to take them to the one they wanted: Brama. The Juggernaut and Avengers gathered onto his floating continent and planeshifted to Taconderan. Lizkill did not stay to fight and left as the adventurers entered the night black castle of Brama.

Once inside, Brama pulled them into the dangerous and enraged storms that lie between the planes to confront them. The Avengers killed themselves before Brama, becoming powerful Dicias (you have to end your own life to become one). The battle that followed took all they had, but even as they finished him off, the side of good would not get what it deserved. The Lady of Pains’ Pet, the snake-like creature that serves only her, broke through the barriers that Brama had created and snatched the god away, imprisoning him in Taconderan once again. Nanad came to finish what Brama started, but was not powerful enough for a force that was meant to kill a god. As he fell, the deities of the upper planes took his soul, crushing any chance of him being resurrected. When it was over, the Avengers took their place as Dicias on each continent and the Juggernaut lived out their lives on Lantafinsayf, improving the world whenever they could.

Silly Trivia and Inside Jokes:
1) During the session where Lizkill made his first appearance, we ordered pizza, forcing Lee to exclaim “Snikpan! Napkins backwards!” It really killed the mood.
2) Why did the mainpage say Tavern Geeks? Because I asked the players to figure out what Vager Nekets was an anagram of and Doug incredibly came up with Tavern Geeks (It’s just an anagram of my brother Steven)
3) This game was probably the most fun to run out of all of them from a GM’s standpoint.
  • a) Each player played two characters they loved
  • b) I got to fight as the tarrasque
  • c) My personal favorite scene of all time (Blaine summoning Odin) was in this game
  • d) This had the most players of any Lanta game
  • e) They traveled over most of the map for the first time

4) Lizkill was originally an evil gnome Steven made for a pre-Lanta game. I’m not really sure why I made this Lizkill so powerful.
5) D&D 3rd edition came out at the end of this game and the tarrasque battle was the first fight in Lanta to use it

Lantafinsayf II

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