Lantafinsayf III

Adventuring Group: The Crusaders. Barant Forgemaster (Jeff), Corimel Dragonaar (Maggie), E’ra A’re (Rory), Kupop (Ebo), Nads Peepers (Joe), Simain Tarren (Doug), Spike Harashi (Rachel Mayo), Venkelos Ilsevet (Lee), Xarn (Matt)
Length of Game: 15,105 Liam 6 – 15,106 Dirom 18
Beginning City: Group 1 – Narshe, Poril; Group 2 – Yt’tap, Pellick Islands

Story: Brama had gotten tired of his four powerful dragon generals failing everytime they faced Lantafinsayf’s best. He decided to lessen their power and transfer it to three beings that would not be thrown casually at his enemies: the psion Venkelos Ilsevet, the fighter Raven Gretin, and the thief known as Malakiah. But instead of invading Lantafinsayf, Brama had a new problem to deal with. The upper planes began sending Avotion soldiers, the upper planes most aggressive fighting force, against the Abyss in the hopes of ending Roma’s blatant abuse of power. The paladin Blaine Nikruhs, the samurai Ki Harashi, and the ranger Shindora Bosovich were chosen to be the three used to counter any of Brama’s new lackies attempts to invade the other planes. This stalemate lasted over a decade and finally ended when Blaine set a trap for Venkelos. He allowed himself to be captured on Taconderan and gave Venkelos a fake Death Esper, the one artifact Brama was after on Lantafinsayf. When Venkelos opened it, in the hopes it would kill Blaine, the trap almost killed both of them along with Raven. Inside the rock was a gas that exploded when the fake Esper was activated. Blaine fled, injured, Raven was knocked to the ground, and Venkelos was violently sent through the portal that Blaine was suppose to escape through. When Blaine heard that Venkelos’ body was recovered on Lanta, he traveled there to finish his mission.

What he discovered shocked everyone. General Venkelos Ilsevet had suffered amnesia from the explosion and remembered nothing of the Abyss, his wife, or the Death Esper. Bannon, the mayor of the town he was taken to, Blaine, and General Amozin Kalugor, another general of the Avotion Army, discussed what to do with Venkelos. In the end, they agreed that if he learned who he was, he may seek out Brama for answers not even they knew. They could not risk the Abyss’ return to power and so kept the confused Venkelos in the dark. Bannon knew that the Five Mages (the wizards that were trying to keep the essence of Lantafinsayf flowing) were still alive. Aruclam had called for “an end to magic” and the five mages were thought to have been killed by their soldiers. Perhaps they were now in hiding, and hopefully in the most obvious spot. The Five Mages most trusted ally was the hermit King Homonus, who lived in the Notelex Region on the continent Briom. Venkelos was sent, along with several adventurers to protect him, to the King. There, they met with others who had been asked to meet the King. The one who sent them was Athomus, one of the mages. The collective group of adventurers became the Crusaders and began seacrhing for the other four mages.

What they discovered on their quest brought into light what their destiny held for them. The soul of Venkelos had suffered so much at the hands of Brama that it reached out to the Crusaders for help. The spirit shared with the adventurers his story along with his list victims and accomplices. From his home on the floating continent, the almighty Lizkill watched as his undeniable destiny of self-sacrifice could no longer be ignored. He feared the truth, that he would have to end his own life to give the Espers eternal peace, would inevitably be shown to the world and sent his minions against them as they brought the Five Mages back together. With magic finally back to its full potential, the Crusdaers sought out the truth to the Death Esper, what Lizkill’s purpose’s was in life, and how to bring about the end of Brama’s attacks on Lantafinsayf.

The Crusaders eventually met the enemy at the castle of Mooreen, where it had been discovered Sabal, the alias of the now immortal Elmen Draater, had once again given up on Brama. Brama’s one last chance at coming to Lantafinsayf to help out his followers was spoiled when he attacked his lover Shiva’s neglected husband, Evonas. Elmen now worked alone to summon the remaining WEAPONS that Yuanini had built and planned to send them on the Crusaders. But Brama had ignored one of his most faithful soldiers for too long. Raven Gretin, the friend of Venkelos before Blaine’s trap turned them into enemies, turned to Venkelos, who had regained all of his memories, for help and sided with him against Sabal. Sabal, the man who had two-timed the Juggernaut and his own god twice, finally perished and was not able to see his final allies, the Brama Generals, freed from capture. It seems they too had grown weary of never seeing recognition from their master Brama and saw Sabal as maybe the last hope they had of getting back their friend and commander Venkelos Ilsevet. When it was obvious Sabal just wanted world domination, they asked to be let go. The power to free them had been granted, by Brama, to Raven. Raven threw off all ties with his god and dispelled the curse of resurrection on the dragons.

All that was left was Brama and Lizkill. The Crusaders knew that all Brama wanted was the Death Esper, but they could not find it. Lizkill came to them, offering once again a way to reach Brama with his floating continent. The Crusaders joined him and planeshifted to Taconderan. They realized though that if they killed him or any of his minions there, he could just resummon them. So Lizkill revealed his true plan and drew the Death Esper from his cloak. Brama flew to the continent and Lizkill planeshifted to the Material Plane where they sat outside the planet Lantafinsayf. Though Brama was no longer trapped on the Abyss, he could not reenter Lanta and so the continent hovered above the planet. They fought Brama outside the atmosphere and in the end were able to kill him, reuniting him with Shiva and his son Damien (though the world called the Esper that was left of him the Death Esper). But Lizkill remained, reluctant to kill himself. The sacrifice would destroy all of the Esper Stones that summoned the souls of the Espers, allowing them to rest in peace. Once it was obvious Lizkill would not carry out his destiny, Odin appeared, followed by the rest of the Espers as they stood before Lizkill in their transparent bodies. They begged him to give in, but he refused. He drew his weapon, and so did the Crusaders.

Lizkill battled the party until his own blood covered every inch of his body. He dropped to his knees and preformed the ritual that would release his and the Esper’s bodies from the world. With the Espers gone, and Brama with them, the Crusaders headed back to Lantafinsayf to announce the good news. They celebrated in Mooreen and each went their separate ways until the world called on their services once again.

Silly Trivia and Inside Jokes:
1) Originally all of the PCs were suppose to be the “main character” at some point, but the game ended up beng centered around Raven and Brama. The only one who had a connection to them was Venkelos so he ended up being in the spotlight for most of the game.
2) Had the most connections to the Final Fantasy games.
3) Has my favorite story of the Lanta games and Blaine is my favorite NPC of any game.
4) I have never liked the term “Death Esper”. I made it up knowing I’d remember it, but I wish I would have used something different.

Lantafinsayf III

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