Lantafinsayf IV

Adventuring Group: Wildfire. Chatral (Ed), Delileha Vadracsus (Maggie), Dominique Vadracsus (NPC), Echer Ker (Jeff), Eldwin Banough (NPC), Elmdore (Ebo), Vauxbin Nila (Lee)
Length of Game: 15,127 Yualis 1 – 15,127 Dirom 40
Beginning City: Bane, Makarin

Story: The magical plateau city of Aamin has always held its secrets and the rest of Lanta has let them sit and feel powerful. But when rumors of their artfacts that could summon gods reached the evil ears of the world, some could no longer let them sit. Aamin’s greatest treasure has always been their Kedas, five magical stones that could summon their devastating god Bitana. For most of Aamin’s history on Lanta, though, they have been a liability. As soon as the alien race that created Aamin landed on this planet, their five stones were stolen and have never been fully recovered. When Medira, the Becdro Rii of Aamin (second in command), finally got his hands on one, he hid it in the nearby city of Bane. Even though he was born and raised in the Aamin, he did not want the enslaving god to return. When he returned several years later, he found it had been stolen. Several townsfolk noticed him acting upset near a Yuanini temple and approached him. They tried to help him, but recieved minimal cooperation in return. When they dug deeper into the mystery, they uncovered that Roma, the man who had been maipulating Brama for the past few centuries, was also hungry for these artifacts. These few commoners were the beginning of Wildfire.

Unlike the Juggernaut, Avengers, and Crusaders, there was no prophecy that predicted Wildfire. They were souls who had led unfulfilled or troubled lives. They took it upon themselves to seek out and stop the destruction that would come if these artifacts were recovered by the wrong people. On their quest they discovered that Damien Ilsevet, the son of Venkelos Ilsevet, had been poisoned by the air of Taconderan, the breath of Roma, when he was born there. His arrival on Lantafinsayf only made it dormant until the Katrin was powerful enough to take command of Taconderan. But Roma, the manipulator of that who controls Taconderan, had fully learned his power and took advatage of what Brama had left behind. The Dragon General Beldarim Monzat did not want to be free when Raven set the others free years ago and came back to the layer of Taconderan. After Brama’s death, Roma took control of Beldarim and brought Ah’rami De’yo back from the grave. He then awoke the power in Damien and lowered Beldarim’s own. Together, Beldarim and Ah’rami came to Lanta began to gain allies for their new master. Ah’rami took up the name Gar’ia and became the Major Kasai of Dira’ma while Beldarim pretended to have been freed by Raven. He lied to the world and asked them to come to his desolate home on the ice continent Poril in exchange for knowledge in ancient magic.

Wildfire faced all the challenges and enemies these two had created, along with the tenacious city Aamin. Though it was not known why Roma was also seeking the Kedas, it is assumed he was going to bring back the diety that tried to kill him millenniums ago, Rezengross. As Wildfire began to crush the threats to Lantafinsayf, a new one was beginning to rear its evil head. Demons from the Abyss, a secret army Roma had raised over the years of being the Greater Dabus of the plane, had made their way into Aruclam in an attempt to hold the planet’s most powerful city hostage until the Kedas were found. What happened in response to this is what the Wildfire is most known for: The Aboslution of Lantafinsayf. For its entire existance, Lantafinsayf has been mostly ignored by the outer planes. The evil planes rarely invaded (with the exception of Brama) and the upper planes rarely helped them in their times of need. But Wildfire, while working with Blaine, was able to spread the word through the planes that the Kedas were a serious threat.

Soon, hundreds of powerful angelic warriors came to Mooreen as Lantafinsayf prepared for one of its most important battles. The single battlefield was going to be Aruclam. They were not going to spread out or hold back; everything that could destroy their planet was in that city. In 15,127 Dirom 40, the Battle of Aruclam took place. It was the demons and the minions of Roma versus Lantafinsayf and the warriors of the upper planes. In the end, Roma’s invaders were defeated and the Greater Dabus of the Abyss faced his arch nemisis: Sean Voipt. The original Greater Dabus of Lantafinsayf had been imprisoned because Roma had lied to the Lady of Pain about how much influence he had; meanwhile, Roma sat on his own plane abusing his power in a much worse way. They faced off on Taconderan where Sean Voipt pulled out an artifact known as the Lady’s Crown. He held it out in front of him and recited the poem of creation. When it was finished, Roma witnessed Asmodeus, the one who created the world, in his true form. The ruler of Hell rose from the ground and took the Greater Dabus below, but not before Roma got his revenge. Also witnessing the true form of Asmodeus were several innocent souls including Blaine’s true love Seandra, the one he had been so desperatley wanting to save. Roma pulled them from their prison and had her, and the other victims, gaze upon the artifact. All were pulled down below to be tortured for eternity.

With Roma gone, Taconderan became a neutral layer. Though it sat on the evil Abyss, it had yet to be tainted by anyone other than Roma or Brama. Blaine became the symbol of Roma’s defeat after Sean Voipt was thrown in jail for violating numerous laws that restricted what Greater Dabus’ can do. Blaine became a god through the power of his soldier’s faith and he created his domain on Taconderan at the disapproval of the upper planes. He was not going to give up on those who were taken down below. Aamin, however, was not through searching for their precious artifacts. At the final stage of Blaine’s deific transformation, Tana Yyl, the ruler of Aamin, came to him, begging for the Kedas that Wildfire was able to recover during their quest. But neither Blaine nor Wildfire would give away the tool that would be used to bring back Bitana. Aamin, ashamed, did not inform them of the ultimatum given to them by the power hungry genie Har’ka. It seems this mercenary had been hiding while collecting the Kedas himself and came to Aamin demanding for the rest. Since they were not able to give him what he wanted, Har’ka brought forth Clo, the mother of Blaine’s own god Yuanini, and crushed her above Aamin. The light she shed from her dying body petrified the people of Aamin, effectively killing all of Bitana’s worshipers.

Beldarim Monzat, Ah’rami, Aamin, and Roma had all met their end. Har’ka left the Prime Material Plane and went to his home in the Outlands, perhaps fearing the combined power of Yuanini and Blaine. Wildfire took up positions that would help their homelands and allies. The upper planes sent legions of followers to help the planet recover from almost 150 years of torment brought by Roma and his minions. Lantafinsayf had finally joined the rest of the world.

Silly Trivia and Inside Jokes:
1) Roma continued to make generals even though he was controlling Damien instead of Brama. He created several more, all of which were sometimes referred to as “Brama Generals”. It was the commonfolk who started this misconception since they know so little about what goes on in Taconderan.
2) The tattoo that is used when transforming someone into a new general is on the back of one of Maggie’s character sheets.
3) The group is called Wildfire because of the outrageous clothes some of them wear.
4) Blaine and Ki are both over fifty for this game, but I still had them have their normal color hair (Ki had a few greys). I didn’t care if it was a flaw, I loved their image too much to change it based on “reality.”
5) Had the most complicated plot of the Lanta games. I had a backstory for each of the new generals, had to keep track of where Damien Ilsevet was, and I had to keep track of what was going on between Aruclam, Aamin, and Dira’ma as the party did other things. Not to mention I brought the concept of time traveling into a game that I had no intentions of altering the past of. Bright move huh?

Lantafinsayf IV

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