Pronounced: Lihz-kill

Gods: Lizkill. Lizkill appears in his images identical to the way he looked in life. The ten foot tall giants usually stands over anyone else in the picture with his towering two foot tall black hat. He has a slick black goatee that offsets his thick, scruffy eyebrows. His head is usually cocked back, eyes wide and staring. Each hand is grasping its own side’s lapel of his black spotted yellow robe. The robe is open and the last few inches lay on the floor. Beneath the robe is a black royal vestment. He is unarmed.

Alignment: Unaligned

Godly Domain: Unknown

Symbol: A wide open eye with a black pupil, hanging by a chain that is swinging to the left. The background is yellow.

Dogma: The dogma of Lizkill’s religion is very secretive. Most followers define it for themselves since they usually begin worshiping him at times when fate punishes only them. Followers often fear the stigma of Lizkill’s past evil tendencies and so keep to themselves. Those that chose to follow the “God of the Open” feel all options should be viewed. This is most evident at times of frustration when no answer seems to be correct. Perhaps stepping back and taking the time to examine all possibilities could be the solution.

Lizkill taught during his life, to those that listened, to view things outside their norm. Perhaps building your house out of your gold instead of spending it will do you better, or maybe selling your children to the highest bidder instead of caring for them yourself will give both a better life. Laws must not stop those that follow Lizkill’s path, unless certain death is to follow. After all, what good are the faithful dead?

There is no day of worship for Lizkill. Almost all that follow become obsessed with him and spend all of their free time praying to him. It is common for worshipers to eventually beg to Lizkill for some sign that he is listening. No one knows why, but once this stage is reached, insanity is sure to follow. Waiting to meet their god often sends them into a blind rage causing them to reign their power down on the weak. They become slave owners, tyrants, and sinners all in the name of Lizkill. Prison, or death, usually meet the ranting and raving worshiper in the end.

Worshipers: Insane or powerful clerics or wizards, hermits, people who feel they are being targeted by Lizkill’s blessings. Typically unstable humans or emotionally damaged souls look to Lizkill. Over the years, the stories of him have been stretched and sometimes forgotten. Those who think they know the truth, or are being told by the God if the Open, will follow him however they can.

History: It is known:that Lizkill never reached the ranks of deities while alive. Though he was immortal, he had fewer than one hundred followers. He was mostly feared or ignored during that time, but when he died and ascended to Quariz with the other Espers, his history became famous. He was not a Crusader, but he had a part in saving Lantafinsayf along side them, giving him a righteous image. And with his death came the end of those that feared him. It also became clear to most that he had been insane after realizing his destiny called for him to end his own life. Lizkill became a beacon of light for those that were mad and felt the world had abandoned them. His ability to make allies for a short period of time before killing them appealed to the chaotically evil, and to those that felt their idea of the world was the future could relate to his pain. Some even go so far as to say they are the reincarnation of the God of the Open.

What Lizkill did before coming to Lantafinsayf is now set in stone. He helped his fellow Espers fight the humans during the War of the Magi and he was the one Odin bestowed his powers to before he died. But when the Blue Planet exploded and sent the survivors to Lanta, Lizkill’s history was mostly recorded by himself (his full history will be in the characters section) leaving most to speculate. The strongest of Lizkill’s worshipers believe they see thousands of signs every night about “what it all means”, in reference to Lizkill’s “true destiny”. He lied to, murdered, and bribed who he had to to keep himself alive as long as he could. When the end of his life finally came against the Crusaders above the planet, he left the world of the living with the rest of eternity to seek forgiveness by those he wronged. It is rumored that that is what he is doing today.


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