Session XII Recap

Upon entering the Sidakreeth’s massive, iron fortress, the party was attacked by a shambling mound and its insect minions. After finishing off the mutations, the party came across a lab that was made to torture a broken piece of Clo’s body. With the piece, the party found notes describing their results, including Sidakreeth’s desperate attempt to stop the dark curse from turning his drow into “OnLorvis,” the race from the world Okendro where the people of Aamin came from. They then headed over to the treasure room and spent the night, barricading the door.

On the next morning they headed up the stairs where they were charged by the agitated drow who lived in the stronghold and their shadar-kai slaves. With their defeat came a very odd meeting. The one priest that refused to fight suddenly became possessed by Sidakreeth, who demanded that they leave. In addition to discovering that Sidakreeth did not want to invade the surface world, the party became aware that Sidakreeth might be a female. Every sighting by a human has claimed that Sidakreeth was male, but after Sidakreeth ended her control of the drow, the lone survivor insisted that Sidakreeth was the stronger sex.

The party then tied her up, stuck her with drow poison, and began operating the stronghold. After using the strange controls, they were able to get the machine over to the stone bridge, exit through the top exits, and send the contraption to its demise. With their time running out, the party, not wanting to be slowed down, opted not to return to the Last Haven. They exited the cave where they were met by aggressive wyverns. As their numbers began to multiply, it became impossible for Leth Rogg to ignore. As proof that he had claimed the Kroheji Mountains and Aruclam’s Western Plains, the green dracolich and servant of Tiamat appeared and fought off the flying nuisances as the party fled down the trail, and out of the mountains.

They were traveling with such speed, that by nightfall they reached Pluto’s home, Fortress Zutan, but he was no where insight. After resting up, the party followed Pluto’s sheep trail, and headed to Aruclam. Before night came they reached his flock, but Pluto had left them in the company of a Har’ka servant. The servant, not wanting to be bothered, explained Pluto had been sent to Aruclam, most likely to find Bulrin, while he stood and watched his livestock.

That night, as the party rested by the Falling Sun Temple, Caybin Barbarians and their hoard of dinosaurs charged the camp. Despite being caught off guard, the adventurers handled themselves and slew the largest force they had seen since their expedition began. In the morning they traveled until they once again were in the village Millom, where Anor’s old soldier, Nethal Brin, and Bulrin were waiting. The night was spent telling stories of the western plains; however, Bulrin had too much on his mind to reminisce. He invited Tomago into his tent where he asked the dwarf to somehow bring Rook, the only Alu’nom he was aware of, down into the sewers so that he may “pay someone with him.” In exchange, Bulrin would “take out” someone Tomago despised. Deceitfully, Tomago agreed.

On the next day, after fifteen nights in the Western Plains and Kroheji Mountains, the party returned to Aruclam, greeted by a beat up Calan Prael. The First Lieutenant joked that Polcwin was the cause of it, but changed the conversation over to Isaac, who he said was waiting for them at the castle, eager to start their next trek to the north. Back at the Tall Tail Tavern, Solstice and Ogimbus were gleefully looking over plans to expand the tavern, in the hopes to attract more families and the children going to be living in the new orphanage. The party asked how the days had been going and Solstice explained everyone from everywhere was in the castle, including visitors from Dira’ma and Southern Briom.

While the party discussed in the tavern, Nyman and Angus headed into the basement where the translators were now working. There, Polcwin explained that Calan had hid notes that implied the city of Lor was a breeding ground for the Kedasin before the Dicia War took place. Shortly after the war, the Niskeni witnessed one of the OnLorvis walk through a portal they had somehow constructed. After passing through, the people of Lor all began to chant “My freedom will ascend a…” The last word is untranslatable. Polcwin guesses that if there is a place that could help them understand it, it is the ruins of Aamin.

Session XII Recap

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