Session XIII Recap

On the night of their return to Aruclam, the party met with Isaac in his grand mansion. Inside the red brick home were pictures of Isaac standing beside Yulaf and others that could bring trouble to the Crier. Isaac claimed that after he left the orphanage, he met the tavern owner Harrick Nuthis (previous owner of the Tall Tail) and Alance, the elven diplomat from southern Briom. The three of them worked to swindle people out of money in rigged card games. One night, the three heard, for the first time, the rumor of the Tall Tail’s basement after swindling a man who offered secrets instead of gold. It didn’t take long for Harrick to bite the rumors and he stopped contributing to their illicit hobby. The other two were forced to quit.

Alance quickly disassociated himself from the soldier, Isaac Alvindross, and became a hated politician. He tried to dethrone Heaven Kross so that a new bloodline could rule, ignited anarchist movements, and eventually contacted the Forsaken Dragon Raiders (many who are thought to be infected with the dark curse) and was the mastermind of their attack. His actions attracted Calan Prael, Bulrin Cashel, and Ithil Luthis. He used the three (unaware of Calan’s and Bulrin’s curse, but probably would not have cared) to run errands while he worked to change Aruclam’s government. He eventually gave up on peaceful means and helped the Forsaken Raiders into the city so that they could put the city in chaos.

After the invasion, Alance sent Ithil to the Dragon Raider capital of Castor as a diplomat of Aruclam. There, he lied and said King Heaven Kross had been killed by Isaac and that the Crier had become a dictator. Alance then sent bogus messages to Briom with the same lies, asking them to attack and save the world from the war monger.

All of this information had only been discovered recently after rumors of Alance’s death on the Yuniac Ocean sparked an investigation. Only after talking with Aruclam-friendly Dragon Raiders and the reformed Jaheza did anyone realize someone had paid Har’ka to kill Alance for his actions. It was known that Jaheza and Tileer were falling angels, but now the party knew why: Jaheza paid Har’ka to kill those infected with the dark curse (Kedasin) and Tileer paid Har’ka to kill those who aided the cursed. Har’ka, somehow, was able to make Maigalas answer Tileer’s wishes and Rook answer Jaheza’s.

On the morning of the next day, the party received a disturbing message from Rimac. It said he had met with Jaheza in the Wild Temple of Zehir, hoping to see his friend free of the curse. Since the party had not seen their friend since returning to Aruclam, they headed to the temple and were ambushed by Zehir worshipers. With the attacker’s defeat, they continued on into the temple where they saw a bleeding and barely-breathing Rimac, kneeling below a massive energy-filled vortex to Tytherion, Zehir’s home. Next to him was the bone-winged angel, Jaheza, who may have been free of the curse, but had not been saved from his fall to Hell. The party fought the evil angel and his minions, killing them without a choice.

Once they freed Rimac, he explained that Jaheza wanted the Alu’nom, and himself, to help kill Har’ka, Sidakreeth, and anyone else who wanted the Kedas. But though the goal seemed noble, Jaheza was a blood-thirty beast set on revenge. Rimac, who had been friends with Jaheza for more than sixty years, took the body and returned it to Heaven’s Realm. The party, meanwhile, headed to the castle where they were greeted by military officials from all over the globe. It was clear Alance’s actions had set off a war between the continents of Makarin and Briom and those who knew the truth stood by Makarin, even though their orders may have said otherwise. Though the higher-ups argued, they all agreed on one thing. The return of King Heaven Kross would most likely end Briom’s and Castor’s hunt for Isaac’s head. What to do with the curse King afterwards was a discussion that had to wait.

Session XIII Recap

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