Session XIV Recap

The party, called Blood Titans by the generals of Aruclam, received instructions from General Dulki Hannah that they would leave in the morning along with a second crew, known as Dark Wind, that would rendezvous with them at Widgon’s Cave. So the party, hoping to have an easy day, headed to the Tall Tail Tavern for a moment of relaxation. Upon reaching the pub, they were angered to see Bulrin trying to steal all of Polcwin’s work in the basement. Tomago promptly walked in and took the books, much to the dismay of Polcwin, though the bickering did stop. Polcwin also reluctantly released Calan, who he had captured sneaking around the translations.

As the party moved away from the basement, Bulrin followed, asking to see the writings. Obviously the group rejected his request, but he pressed the matter saying that the OnLorvis, and the people of the underground city Lor, had multiple gods and Polcwin had been hiding his knowledge. The party then had him and Calan imprisoned while they investigated his claims. They headed down to Lor, but were caught off guard by the thousands of chains that draped the entrance, making passage down below almost impossible. Not only did the party have to push to make their way down, they had to dispatch devils that had been hidden in the mess. Bulrin had mentioned Yulaf was trying to keep the city of Lor a secret in the hopes he could research it for his own gain, but this threat did not stop the party.

Upon reaching the massive cavern of Lor, the party was greeted by the mysterious gang leader Medelia Kuntun and her hideous associates. The entire city had been home to the red aliens of the Far Realm, the OnLorvis. The thin, nimble and excitable mutants welcomed the Alu-nom, as the “descendants of gods” are important to their culture. They apologized, saying they had to trust in the sewer-dwellers, such as Bulrin and Medelia, to communicate with the surface world since humans would most likely despise them. Their nameless leader explained that Bitana and Lor were different: Lor was a murderous dictator and Bitana was a dominating, but loving king. He explained that the black spirit surrounding its victim’s eyes was the spirit of Lor and that the only monstrous eyes that matter were the original five stolen from Aamin thousands of years ago. Those five eyes, the eyes of Bitana, are needed to resurrect their god, but if the five eyes ever gazed upon someone with the severed spirit of Lor in them, Lor himself would return.

What complicated matters was what Tileer, and possibly Yulaf, were up to. Tileer was the one who had stolen the eyes and so probably knows where they are. If he gathers them, what will his plans be? Will he bring back the original Bitana? Lor’s Bitana? Or will he stand in the center of them and create a new Bitana, one he can shape with his own mind? The OnLorvis asked the Alu’nom to find the eyes and return them, but all the party could promise was stop the return of Lor’s Bitana.

Angry with the party’s choice, several OnLorvis, aided by a slighted Medelia, attacked them for not promising what they felt was right. The party reluctantly killed them, but the nameless leader sent Kluvor, one of their own, up to the surface under a disguise so that he may teach them about who the OnLorvis are. The party took the creature and began heading to the castle to gather their reward when they noticed an incredible amount of activity at the Tall Tail. It seemed that Isaac Alvindross had chosen those that would make up the Dark Wind: Elian Luthis, Elzeeda Ayame, Sebai, Solstace Oness, Yemy Hanova, and Za’ben’Us Sasteel. The group was sitting and relaxing, enjoying their last day before heading off to the north.

Session XIV Recap

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