Session XVI Recap

The next day, the Blood Titans and Dark Wind separated. The Blood Titans spent the following week traveling across the border of Forest Shumella. As they neared the city Troyb, some found themselves lost inside the haunted forest. The group struggled to find each other, but by the time they reunited, some had been captivated by the spirits of the Forsaken Dragon Raiders that lived here. The unaffected adventurers pulled their companions from the illusion and together they fought off the ghosts. It may have appeared they were then safe, but Troyb’s mysterious forces marched their way to the commotion and aggressively attempted to seize the “intruders.” Once again, the party fought their way out of it.

Several days later, the party reached the somewhat luxurious city of Troyb. Built below the beautiful Demon Ridge cliffs, Troyb has attracted enough wealthy to aid in its construction that one may forget the dangers laying less than a day’s travel to the north. In fact, on the day the party arrived, Troyb was preparing for one of its many festivals. The party asked around and discovered that their leader, Glimzil, would be in attendance, which the group was happy to hear since they were seeking someone to ask about the devils walking around freely.

That night, a bonfire was lit in the center of town and everyone (the humans, shadar-kai, dwarves, tieflings and devils) gathered for a loud celebration. The mage Glimzil, a tiefling who was not officially mayor, sat and watched his minions, eying the party every now and then. After the raucous, and sometimes violent, festival ended the party was summoned to Glimzil’s chambers inside the Featherblind Temple of the Raven Queen.

After several minutes of intense and unfriendly conversation, Glimzil revealed he would help them if the two sides traded information. Glimzil told them he was one of the two Minor Kasai’s from Dira’ma who had been sent up to spy on their enemy, the mysterious Yulaf. Unhappy that a non-Dira’man mage was running the towers, Glimzil was ordered by the Major Kasai to get as close as he could to the foreign mage. The tiefling rode to the top of Yulaf’s trust, until he became second in-command. This meant he had to leave the city for safety reasons and communicate with his mages from the outside. This pleased Glimzil since raising his future rebellion became less stressful. To thank him, the party revealed the ruined eye they had, which, surprisingly, revealed that Glimzil, too, was an Alu’nom.

By the end of the night, the party had discovered that the shadar-kai, Pluto, once worked for Glimzil, but left to help Har’ka, and that their friend, Hadar, was in the same rebellion as Glimzil, though they had very different ideas. Glimzil was furious that one of his allies would tell the party, a group of outsiders, so many of their secrets, but controlled himself. He then promised to help the party in the future, should he ever gain control of the three mage towers. After the discussion, the party rested up for their travel north.

Session XVI Recap

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