Session XVII Recap

The next morning, Glimzil introduced the party to their new guide: the creepy, muzzled, flesh-eating gnome, Ruga Wodda. Secured with the device on his head, Ruga enthusiastically led them up the Demon’s Ridge and onto the remorhaz hunting grounds. The party did not get this far, however, before realizing that Ruga was vengeful and brutal. They were being followed, and instead of out running the mutated dragonspawn and Forsaken Raiders that hunted them, Ruga wanted to see the savages slaughtered. The party eagerly complied.

As they traveled the snowy and miserable plain, Ruga opened up to them about his just as miserable life. He had been captured and forced to eat his dying friends, which ended only when Glimzil saved him and basically enslaved the poor gnome. Ruga was never offended by the enslavement (he became good friends with Glimzil), but there were others he had become tired of. As the party marched north, the gnome warned them of his pact with several barbarians who affiliated themselves with no one. Ruga was to walk the party into a trap, but after befriending the Alu’nom, he felt he couldn’t do it. The adventurers reacted to the failed ambush of mutated foulspawn and remorhaz, surviving the relentless onslaught.

As they settled down for the night, Captain Ediva Leon and General Dosia Musteen approached from the south. What drove them to travel into the bitter cold was the desire to become Alu’nom themselves. Though they did not side with the treacherous Ithil, they still considered themselves Dragon Raiders. They wanted to save their city and beloved army from the Forsaken Raiders and knew that if they were Alu’nom, they would have the upper hand. Ruga, who had learned the Blood Ritual from Glimzil, taught it to the party and Nyman, who had the blood of Bahamut in him, performed it on Ediva, and only Ediva. The two women then headed southeast, looking to save their home.

After traveling ten days across the plains the party reached Flood Fortress, which had been overrun with Forsaken Raiders. After killing the abominations and their pets, the group searched around and found a room dedicated to their apparent god, Lizkill. There were messages written in blood that read “The God of the Open will consume every snake.” It is assumed this means the followers of Lizkill (God of the Open) will kill the followers of Zehir (God of snakes), but the party could not connect the two in anyway.

With eight more days of travel, the party reached the captured city of Deenao. After infiltrating the sieged ally of Aruclam, they discovered the Forsaken Raiders were unaware of avalanche threats that continually plaque the city. Since they did not take the time to deal with the overhanging snow on the neighboring cliff, the party used it to their advantage. First they split up; half the party alerted the citizens of their plan to cause a devastating avalanche, while the other half drove the simple minded barbarians to the dangerous cliffs. With the people safe and Forsaken Raiders in place, Angus blasted the mountainside until the snow came rushing down, burying the captors.

The plan did not go without snags however. As they tried to empty out the city, a ship filled with thieving Forsaken Raiders that was being chased by the enraged Sekien Dyoran docked, bringing the dragon with them. But once the beast retrieved his stole property, he flew into the sky and back to his home.

Though the people were saved, their homes were destroyed. The party needed to reach Widgon and so could not waste time with the unfortunate victims, but Ruga had been a trustworthy guide and was not needed for the battle. The adventurers sent the misplaced peons with their quirky friend back to Troyb, while they set out across Widgon Lake, and to the cave of the demented mist dragon.

Session XVII Recap

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