Session XX Recap

As the party stepped onto the astral domain of Kalandurren, the party found themselves staring at the symbol of the doomguard, a cult set on destroying all law. Standing in a circle, the guard could be seen executing the law-wielding githyanki while their leader clung to a ruined eye. Not wanting trouble, the party avoided them and headed toward the unmistakable gold and white mughal palace of Har’ka, Haz Meli.

Approaching them from the god’s home was Pluto, riding a hover skiff. He landed and the party boarded, asking questions. But Pluto had something on his mind and he talked about it as they entered the first ring of spires that outlined Haz Meli. He asked the party to bargain for his freedom, something that was taken from him when he agreed to spy for Har’ka. The party promised to try as the skiff climbed up the moving sand and into the Sun Tower where Har’ka’s throne room sat.

Inside the ivory pillar that held the light of the domain slumped Har’ka, accompanied by his new slave Bulrin, his djinn attendant Pomilog, and Naskeer, the efreeti bodyguard that was seen watching Pluto’s flock. The mercenary god began the meeting by revealing his actual Bitana Eye, pulsing with blood of the dead god. Since the party had killed the blue dragon Kail, Widgon Sjinusoal, and destroyed the drow stronghold, Har’ka felt he had to thank them by offering his blood. If the party accepted, they would become even more powerful Alu’nom. Har’ka’s reason for this was the humiliation he suffered from Tileer. Tileer, King Kross, and Jaheza had all infiltrated his palace two years ago, attempting to steal his two Kedas. A trap had been set so that the Kedas of Hate would turn anyone who touched it into a kedasin. The King suffered dearly but was able to escape with Hate. The one remaining, Happiness, was used by Har’ka to curse Jaheza. He then attempted to curse Tileer but the Alu’nom touched the artifact, sending the severed spirit away. The angel then demanded Har’ka perform 50 blood rituals and kill a list of people: Alance, Ganda, Ithil, Matena, Niota Rellum, Osceni, Sidakreeth. He then fled.

Har’ka began to do as Tileer had asked as well attempt to track the angel, but to no avail. Har’ka now feels the party may be his only hope and so asked if there was more than power that they wanted. The following deals were made:

  • Angus agreed to receive Har’ka’s blood in exchange for Pomilog’s assistance to teleport them around the world.
  • Anor agreed to kill Ithil in exchange for his own wife, Dyona.
  • Nyman agreed to find information on Tileer in exchange for Ki’s soul.
  • Rook agreed to find information on Tileer in exchange for Pluto’s freedom (who ended up being set free by Pomilog afterwards).
  • Tomago agreed to Kill Tileer in exchange for wealth and an army of zombie dwarves.

Har’ka then handed the party over to Pomilog who, at the party’s request, took Pluto and teleported to the Dark Wind and company as they marched South to Aruclam. Pomilog then teleported them all to the gardens of Aruclam Castle before heading back to Kalandurren. After placing the King back in the throne room with Shindora, Rook gave his one remaining piece of Clo to Shindora to aid the research on the King’s condition. The party then headed South and demolished a pack of devils and the guild mages who were thought to have released them. However, after interrogating one of the guild members, the party discovered that Yulaf had no control over these devils and that a rebellion from the Nine Hells was threatening the Guild Master’s life and power. This, combined with Glimzil and Hadar’s rebellion, looked as though Yulaf’s days were up. As the party discussed at the Tall Tail Tavern, Shindora strolled in, looking for them.

Session XX Recap

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