Pronounced: sigh-aye-bree-ann

Gods: Morr and Joll. Morr appears as a monstrous scaly beast with razor sharp claws. His back is covered in short thorns and he has a single horn curving up out of his forehead. Joll is a hairy humanoid with a bear’s head and long fangs. His eyes are often depicted bright red. In most images of Morr, he is down on three limbs with the fourth held close to his chest. Joll is usually standing tall and looking into the distance.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Godly Realm: At the bottom of the Baisa Sea and high above in the sky

Symbol: A forest green horn grasped by a brown furry clawed hand. The tip and base of the horn are always visible

Dogma: Siabryen is practiced through individual prayer or in small gatherings. Temples are built as a gift to Morr and Joll, but they do not hold masses as other religions would. During prayer, the follower thanks and requests each of the two gods individually. All matters of regret and future personal goals are directed at Morr while Joll asks to hear the ones of gratification and the followers attempts to balance the world around him/her. Then, there is a time to respect the earth. Morr and Joll are the protectors of Lantafinsayf in the Siabryen religion, not the Greater Dabus or Dicias. Above all, the earth is not to be harmed. However, the animal world is dictated by “survival of the fittest” and hunting is very much accepted by its followers. Farmers often pray before harvest to insure their crops will be rejuvenated next year.

Worshipers: Farmers, hunters, halflings, elves, barbarians, rangers, hermits, and people who despise magic are the most common worshipers A commoner is usually more attracted to Pelor or Yuanini instead of Morr and Joll, but some cities see Siabryen as the most worshiped religion. The continent Kunass has a long history of following the dual gods and there is no sign of it dying out. History: Morr and Joll are said to be two deceased animals who were unjustly killed by those who were building Aruclam during the early years of Lantafinsayf. Farmers, elves, and halflings who saw them die said the spirit’s of those determined on destroying everything for the city to be built were the ones to blame. From their unfair death, the lizard-like Morr and bear-like Joll rose from the ground and stood over the city. Not everyone in the city was able to see them, but those that did stood in fear. The two took pity on the city folk and walked away, promising to every creature they passed to create a balanced world where animals, beasts, and man are all equal. When all had heard their offer, they disappeared into the sky, forever watching their world.

Over time these two gained an image as “destroyers” as well as caretakers. They could see, or cause, the end of the world and told the strongest of followers what the signs would be. Some say the apocalypse has already happened. The Siabryen religion believes there are five events that will lead to the end of the world. They are the death of a god, the arrival of an underground avenger, Joll returns to Lantafinsayf, eight judges concur, and the death of the avenger. Those that say it has already past believe the signs were:

Death of a god – Qusom is killed by Doyec Notelex (End of Lanta I)
The arrival of an underground avenger – The adventurers that brought back the Juggernaut* (The plot of Lanta II)
Joll returns to Lanta – Brama being summoned to Lanta by his faithful genie follower Nanad (Middle of Lanta II)
Eight judges concur – Sarlo Ricen battles the Avengers. This is the eighth battle vs the Brama’s generals on Lanta. Each of the four generals were fought twice, once in their dragon form and once in their human form. (Middle of Lanta II)
Avengers Die – The Avengers sacrifice themselves in order to become Dicias (End of Lanta II)

If that’s the case, that would imply Brama being banished back to the Abyss would be the apocalypse, which does not make much sense. Brama is never mentioned in the scriptures of Siabryen, but there are stories of Morr and Joll fighting. Perhaps the battles between Evonas and Brama are the physical reenactment of their battles. One story even says that Joll is the instigator of these attacks and he perishes at the hands of Morr. That might make Evonas the physical representation of Morr, but Evonas was killed by Brama just after he was summoned to Lanta. There are very few who still believe this, but those who make themselves public insist most do not have the understanding to “see what it all means”. The majority of Siabryens do not believe Evonas or Brama are apart of their religion. These same worshipers also do not preach the possibility of a predicted apocalypse, saying Morr and Joll have lived in peace their whole lives.


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