The Kedas

Kedas once meant “severed spirit” in the extinct language of the kasai, but it now refers to only the severed spirit of Lor. Until recently, people thought a Kedas was a magical stone coveted by Aamin. Now it is known that only the black, watery smog that covers (or inhabits) its host is what the kasai call a Kedas.

There are only five Kedas and each represent an aspect of mortals that the kasai see as a weakness (confusion, happiness, hate, loneliness, pain). As Lor died, he wrapped his spirit around the five Eyes of Bitana that would create a god for the kasai to worship. He instructed the Alu’nom to watch over the other kasai and, if they saw a weakness in one of their kind, send the Kedas that represented the weakness into the dissenter. Lor would search their mind to see if they could be purified. Then he would alert onlooking Alu’nom of the victim’s fate by flashing his smog in the kasai’s blood waves (markings on a kasai’s neck). Those that could be saved would have one eye ripped out by an Alu’nom so that all would know the mortal’s sin. Those that could not be saved would be killed and Lor’s soul would either return to the Eye of Bitana it was sentenced to or find another sinful soul.

If a Kedas is sent into a dissenter and neither his eye is torn out nor is he killed, the Kedas remains in the target. If the eye of a mortal inhabited by the Kedas is torn out and an Alu’nom does not instruct it what to do, it will remain wrapped around the ruin eye. Over the years, these two scenarios have happened more often then not, for the kasai have been dying out and their ways forgotten. It is now common to refer to the hosts, whether they be a mortal or a ruin eye, as the Kedas though it is incorrect.

The kedasin (creatures infected with the “dark curse”) are an abomination. Tileer and others have found a way to leak a Kedas. No one has made public of how this is done, but those who have been targeted are scarred with the smog of Lor and seek his resurrection. They are not being mind controlled, but their goals will change to appease the mysterious figure they revere.

The Kedas

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