What's Happened Since Lanta IV

Absolution of Lantafinsayf

The final session of Lanta 4 was the beginning of Absolution. The demons that had been growing in Aruclam were finally defeated by the alliance of Lanta and the upper planes and the Crusaders were sitting in Taconderan, waiting for the Greater Dabus of the Abyss, Roma, to reveal himself for a final showdown. When Roma came, Sean Voipt planeshifted in from his hidden sanctuary and performed the Lady’s Curse to seal him away. Roma responded by summoning his six prisoners from the depths of the Abyss (Elaz Rizeen, Seandra Bosovich, Mesta Voipt, Emanyu Ker, Rudolph Nilla, and the Marilith Sahamrah) and they too witnessed Asmodeus’ true form. The seven of them were taken down to the unknown to be imprisoned for eternity.

Though loved ones of many were either dead, dying, or missing, there was much to celebrate. The different planes of the world forgave Sean Voipt for failing to keep people from living on Lantafinsayf and completely wiped away the idea that no one was ever suppose to live there. Kord made the first step and invited all who lived in Aruclam, or who fought for it, to come feast in his domain. The gods of the upper planes were present at the dinner to show that they too cherished their existence in the battle against the lower planes.

Shortly after the dinner, Pistas Sophia came to Blaine in his throne room and told him he had ascended to the ranks of the gods. He agreed to join them only if he could hold his domain on the Abyss, one of the fronts in the Blood War. Though the good gods could not promise him being successful so far away from them, he built his home on Taconderan in the hopes that he could make a difference like no other. Yuanini followed and set up a second stronghold to ensure that Blaine’s goals would have some support.

The Dark Surge

25 years after Absolution the upper planes commitment to helping Lantafinsayf was put to its first test. 3 years prior to this, servants of Lolth who had made their way here had been training the drow in the underdark of Lanta. They were led by a frightful male drow named Sidakreeth who’s appearance was said to be warped by his life in the Abyss. He ordered them to sneak up to Lish Hom Non and abduct several of the dragons living there and bring them down below. It is disputed as to what happened since the dragons who lived through it refuse to talk and obviously the drow are not confessing. But whatever it was involved torture of some kind and the events of it led to the Dark Surge. 25 years after Absolution, with very few creatures on the surface of Lanta having any knowledge of what was going on below, the drow attacked them. All the drow that reached the surface were said to fight with a barbarian-like rage.

The armies of Lanta did a remarkable job at first, responding to this random barrage of assaults. But as time went on, the numbers of Lanta’s forces began to dwindle while it seemed the drow were infinite. The servants of the gods who had stayed to watch over Lanta prayed to their deities for assistance. It came in the form of blessings at every temple and church that the armies walked past on their was to the drow. Soon it became common for soldiers of all faiths to stop at the temples of all god of the upper planes and pray for strength and courage. These soldiers were said to fight beyond death and to lose all fear of the underdark. Some trancsemded to sainthood right on the battlefield as the tides turned in their favor (A process known as ‘Uplifting”). 2 years after the war began, Lanta had won, sending the surviving drow back down to the underdark. Unfortunately, Sidakreeth survived. He was seen by several warriors, fighting on the surface with his men, but no one, not even the ones with the greatest amount of blessings from the gods, could go near him when they saw him. When he escaped with the others down below, Lantafinsayf viewed it as a great loss, knowing at anytime he could build his forces back up and assault the surface once again.

The Abyssal Retaliation

33 years after Absolution, Blaine (who became known as Aerion) and Yuanini were attacked by the demonic forces of Orcus and Demogorgon. Never had these two teamed up together and the notion of it was denied by almost everyone. But as Orcus’ undead and demons and Demogorgon’s wild army of mutated jungle creatures came closer and closer to Blaine’s stronghold, it was obvoious they were here on the same side. Their strategical attacks were simulaneous and they aided one another in those attacks. The very fact that a god as powerful as Blaine was living in the Abyss angered the demons so greatly that they put aside even their longest standing rivalries to defeat him.

The conflict ended when two well orchestrated attacks against Orcus and Demogorgon were campaigned coincidently at the same time. Yuanini had up to this point sent a small number of his army to help Blaine, but when the two forces came to the front wall of Blaine’s stonghold, Yuanini released his entire reserves on them as they prepared for only Blaine’s. Shortly after that, Graz’zt was finally ready to make two attacks, one on Demogorgon and one on Orcus as their domains sat empty. They plowed through the jungles of the Gaping Maw and over the plains of Thanatos, trying to reach the great demon lords hiding in their sanctuaries. But the demons did not just want the enemy lords dead, they wanted their very domains to feel their wrath. Though Graz’zt specifically ordered for Orcus and Demogorgon’s demise, his demons wasted much of their time burning and destroying porperty on the enemy layers. Addinig insult to injury seemed just as important to the simple minded forces. This gave the two demon lords enough time to unsummon their armies and retreat back to their homes to kill off the two halves of Graz’zt’s armies.

The Broken Kedas

60 years after Absolution, the upper planes announced some very terrible news. The Kedas that they had been holding (an artifact that is said to summon the evil god Bitana) had been lost. The angels that had been experimenting on the sixth layer of Celestia split it open while trying to save what they thought was a trapped soul inside. From inside of it escaped a black wraith with heavenly white eyes and it killed the angels that had destroyed its home. The creature then escaped to the seventh layer where no one has ever returned from.

This story seems to have a relatively happy ending with the evil spirit escaping to its inevitable death. Most creatures that reach the seventh layer are pulled into the light at the top of the mountain and are sent to a place more divine then anyone has ever known. But to get from the sixth layer to the seventh, one must perform a deed of great good. Obviously the spirit had done no such thing, so how did it reach the layer? No one knows and the upper planes are out of ideas, but are still investigating the remains of the Kedas.

Lanta V takes place in the year 15,210, 83 years have passed since Lantafinsayf’s absolution.

What's Happened Since Lanta IV

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