Pronounced: yoo-nigh-ann

Gods: Yuanini (yoo-on-ih-nigh). Yuanini is depicted as a thirty foot tall, androgynous human looking up into the sky with his arms brought together and held above his head. Both his elbows are positioned in front of his head and his fingers are fanned out, pointing to the sky. His eyes are large and without pupils, but his smile and wrinkles on his face give him a rather peaceful look. He wears no clothes.

Alignment: Neural Good

Godly Realm: Taconderan, the 663 layer of the Infinite Layers of the Abyss

Symbol: His symbol is the androgynous man that he is depicted as.

Dogma: Yuanini is known as the protector of the people of Lantafinsayf. His followers are told to protect those that can not defend themselves. His temples are used as homes for the homeless when retired, never are the temples to be destroyed. While they are still active, mass is held in them on the first day of each month, every Sunday in the month of Shadaw, and on all holidays. The main focus of the religion is independence from foreign powers and the aiding of neighbors. These principals are based on the feeling of abandonment felt when the Lady of Pain deserted Lantafinsayf and the coming of Yuanini when he saved them from Zudababez during the Dicia War. Only Yunians will protect Yunians.

Worshipers: Most of Yuanini’s worshipers are commoners, people who are looking for a god they can feel close to. Yuanini welcomes all who are willing to remember their mistakes and learn from them. Others include paladins, knights, and anyone seeking to create a peaceful world. The last, unspoken worshipers of Yuanini are the spirits of the deceased Espers. There are only a handful known and they all live with Yuanini in the Abyss.

History: Yuanini began life as a mortal on the now destroyed Blue Planet. His father, Yuani (yoo-on-ee), was a vicious warrior who showed almost no love for his child. His mother, Clo, gave him enough love to fill both of the parent’s roles. Yuanini was known as a builder during his human days and built the magical golems known as Weapons to protect the Espers. His creations did no good though against the Espers fiercest enemy, Brama. Brama was set on taking his lover Shiva away from them and Yuanini, along with Lizkill, stepped in to stop him. Yuanini and Brama became bitter enemies and this rivalry continued even when the Blue Planet exploded, sending them through a portal to Miralon, the obliterated Esper city in the Tarrasque’s caverns. Yuanini left Brama for dead and walked to the surface to see where he was. The people of Lanta were still rebuilding from the destruction of his collision when he first appeared. They stood in awe of his height, not sure what to think of the awkward giant.

Yuanini explained what happened and listened to their story of the war that just ended. Though his collision crashed the airships and effectively ended the war they were going to lose, Yuanini felt guilty and helped them rebuild. With the Greater Dabus missing, the people looked to Yuanini as their new savior. When he finally died of wounds sustained from the explosion, he became a deity to the people of Lanta and now existed in a demiplane known as Quariz (kwohr-iz). His rival Brama had also survived the explosion, but did not remember his past. His memory came back when the efreeti that he found exiled here were finally freed by him. The genies worshiped him in turn for leading them out of their imprisonment and he too rose to godhood. From then on, the two gods and their worshipers were at war.

Brama’s most successful attack on Yuanini and his followers was his generals invasion of Lanta after Yuanini barred all extra planar traveling. Their goal was to stop the supposed “Juggernaut” (The party from Lanta I) that would would fight for Yuanini. The generals perished at the hands of his powerful warriors, but the Juggernaut was killed off by the very being Yuanini feared most, Nanad. Nanad was a genie who had taken the form of an escaped convict named Vager Nekets. He originally hailed from Brama’s layer on the Abyss, Taconderan (tuh-con-duhr-ann), but had been living on Lanta searching for the Death Esper. It was not known until much later but the Death Esper was what was left of Brama’s deceased son. Nanad however thought Brama was going to use this now deadly weapon to kill hundreds and stopped the Juggernaut from reaching it.

After their death, the Death Esper still had not been recovered and Yuanini began a search for a set of warriors who could bring back the Juggernaut. The Avengers (The party from Lanta II) began and they found their way to the dead heroes. After resurrecting them, the combined forces found themselves face to face with a new threat, the Tarrasque. Ironically, it was Yuanini who created the Tarrasque to defend the Espers, but now it had gotten out of control and was threatening Lantafinsayf. They were able to defeat it and by doing so earned a short alliance with Lizkill who revealed a way to get to Brama. Though they were not able to kill him, they did kill his follower Nanad and sent the god back to his home on the Abyss.

The religion also saw hard times during the time of Wildfire when Yuanini left to find his mother Clo. It turned out she was being held hostage by Har’ka until Yuanini cooperated with him. When he did not, he crushed her and threw her body to the ground. Yuanini picked her up and carried her to his new home on Taconderan, unable to resurrect the last living being from the Blue Planet. He now lives there in his domain next to his fellow god and past follower, Aerion.


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